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Rant on WD-40

Well, I got a new can about a month ago and it still lists propane as the propellant. The product itself, I'm sure, still contains oils which are flamable. About a year ago, some friends and I gathered at a park for a bit of a barbecue. Nobody brought any lighter fluid and it's darn hard to light the coals when all you have is a half a book of paper matches. I thought about the problem. Determined there was no way to solve it with my PST, that duct tape was of no use, but that WD40 was the perfect thing. I always keep a can in the car (with my car, a roll of duct tape and a can of WD40 are essential). I liberally sprayed the coals, then used a match to ignite the stream from the can, and set the whole thing a blaze.

Coals are ready!

The WD part of WD-40 stands for water displacement or water displacing. It was originally formulated to prevent rust by displacing the water or moisture and leaving a coating of lubricant. It acts as a good cleaner because of some of the other cool chemicals it uses as a carrier.

There's nothing in life that money, force, fire, or chemicals can't fix.

Here's the MSDS, Material Data Safety Sheet, from WD-40.

It's primarily Stoddard Solvent and Petrolium Distillates. I was going to caution folks against putting it on their skin, but with what I can find on the components it's not too bad. In summary I would recommend following the cautions about using it only in a well ventilated area, don't breath the fumes for prolonged periods of time and don't allow it to get on your skin for prolonged periods of time. Of course the same should be said for many of the cleaning/lubricating/preserving compounds we all use.

By the way hso stands for Health and Safety Officer.

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never mind it wasn't important

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Thanks hso, now I know there is a www.wd40.com How come there isn't a ducttape.com? Now watch, somebody here will register it and sell it for $10,000
There is a www.ducktape.com.

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A family member acquired a S&W Model 28 .357 and asked me to trade it off for something easier to shoot. Noting a very stiff action I removed the sideplate and found what looked to be a gummy lacquer coating the parts. When I asked them about it they said the previous owner had lubed/cleaned the gun by spraying WD-40 in it, on it, around it, and through it. Over the years the residue turned it into a mess!

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I got five words for ya: Lube One by Slick50.
Beats the crap outta WD40. Only draw back is that it isn't pressurized, but the punp sprayer works pretty good!


I guess that's only 4 words
Back when I used to use conventional sharpening stones, I found that WD-40 worked about as well as conventional honing oil.

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Kerosene makes great stone lube for knives too, and is the cheaper still. -Brian