RAT knives in other magazines.

May 16, 2010
On my trip to the bookstore today to pick up the latest issue of Tactical Knives (Nov 2010) to read the three, yes three ESEE articles in one issue, another thread already posted talks about the three articles.

I found a couple of other magazines that had ESEE/RAT articles in them that I wanted to pass on, Tactical Gear magazine and Knives Illustrated each had an article in the latest issue.

The Summer 2010 issue of Tactical Gear magazine has a three page article called - Torturing the RAT knives, on pages 54-56. The article included the RAT 3,4,and 6 during various tests on the three blades.

The August 2010 of Knives Illustrated has a long article about kits that will save your life. The knives included in the article are the RAT 3 & 6 and a pair of Kabar knives. The article is found on pages 12-21.