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Ratweiler, Sheath, stone for sale.


May 17, 2005
I got this Ratweiler (I think), I forget the names, cause I have so many. I know, blasphemy. Sale includes sheath, lanyard, and stone, and knife.

Anyway, new, but has EXTREMELY slight usage. Mostly marks from inserting it into the sheath (about 40 times)and cutting cardboard (about 20 times). Otherwise no other heavy work. The blade is so unused, it has slight rust developing at the uncoated part of the blade. Nothing some steel wool won't take out. Sharpened very lightly on a Sharpmaker fine rod, just for the heck of it.

Sheath is a Spec-Ops brand. I had to modify the liner to fit the knife. So you can say it's customized. ha ha

Stone is just from a gun show, generic Arkansas type.

Lanyard is OD and Coyote color with metalized plastic skull on it. Had it custom made for the sheath and knife for color coordination.

Sold all together, this way you have a complete package, and no sheath you need to search for.

Sold all together for $280 shipped. Paypal preferred, but will take MO. Or trade for a new Toyota truck, V6, 4X4.;)

Here are some pics...

You are correct, that is a late model RW from Swamp Rat.

This is the same combo I am carrying in the Dodge truck, only the RW is a different color.

Great set up.

Good luck.
Seems no one is interested for the listed price of $260. Taking it off the market and using the heck out of it.
Iron head... I'm guessing ER DEpt won't be getting this one.... Look at the script under his name.
Sorry, I am a newbie to the whole buying on the internet thing, just let me know how we can get this done so you can get paid and I can start to grinn like an idiot.
IH - I don't own the knife. The person who does, and started this thread, was banned by moderators for some reason.

This means he cannot log onto this forum to see your message of "I'll take it."

Sorry, no more advice other than searching this forum for more Ratweilers for sale. You won't be disappointed when you get one!
Post a thread in the Want To Buy forums of what you are looking for.

That is a pretty common knife. I am sure someone will contact you.

Be sure and go back to the thread and bump it up by posting a reply every few days.

DO NOT do this more than ONCE per DAY. You don't want to piss off the moderators for what should be obvious reasons now. :D

Good luck. They are great knives. Believe me, I know. ;)