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Ray Kirk Knives

Oct 4, 1998
I had a chance to get a Ray Kirk Elk cord for a little Emerson-Perrin Legriffe...its perfect for it's intended purpose and feels great too.
Ray sent me some pics of his knives, and they look great too.....anyone have any of his products, and how do they seem to you?
His work looks first class, though I haven't read anything about him.


As you know, I met and spent a good deal of time with Ray at the Blade Show a few weeks back.

Not only is Ray a true gentleman, but he makes very nice knives as well. (I saw a handful of knives he had brought with him.)

I purchased a cable and L6 damascus bladed neck knife from Ray at the show. It is a tanto style blade, with bull shin bone scales. The tang is slightly tapered/thinned but is full. This is one strong little piece. The blade is eye catching and is of Ray's own design.

Ray really knows how to put an edge on a knife, as this baby is SHARP.

The knife got nice reviews from both other makers and fellow forumites who had a chance to see it and handle it at the show.

I don't think you can go wrong with one of Ray's knives. They aren't necessarily "art" pieces, but they are fully functional unique pieces.

Hopefully Ray will be going for his ABS "journeyman stamp" at next year's Blade Show.


Live Free or Die

Thanks for the info....I'm glad to see you voted with your wallet..I may also.
Rays' work looks rock solid and first class.
I'm suprised I haven't heard more about his blades......which I assume would be considered "Customs" since he makes them himself. At his prices, being handmades, they're super bargains!


Ray Kirk
P.O. Box 1445
Tahlequah, Ok. 74465