Razor edge systems sharpening kits?

I had one for a week, and I wasn't too impressed with it. The guides felt really clumsy to me and it didn't have a whole lot of versatility. The coarse stone cut quickly like I expected, but the ultra fine stone was not very fine in my opinion and was hard for me to put a shaving edge on a knife with.

The one merit of this system is it will gradually teach you the strokes of freehand sharpening until you no longer need guides to put a decent edge on a knife. If you already know how to freehand sharpen and put a shaving edge on a knife without guides or clamps or angle devices, then get something else. I had an Edge Pro, and that was a very good system. I sold it a little bit ago for some extra money to buy guns, but I plan to buy the professional Edge Pro set at a later date.


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I enjoy my professional kit. The coarse stone does cut very quickly! The guides take a while to master but they do the trick when I use them. Like Chang said, if you already know how to freehand and are just looking for the ultimate set of stones, I wouldn't look further than DMT for coarse and then get the spyderco ceramic bench stones. Razor's edge does make the best steel on the market though, in my opinion! That foldting steel works wonders and it compact.

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Have you ever looked at the Spyderco 204 Sharpmaker kit? I have one of the older model 203, and those sharpeners really do a nice job!.

(You'll see just what a great job they do when you receive those 2 knives that I'm sending to you tomorrow, as I lightly
"touched-up" the blades with my 203 Sharpmaker just before I packaged them up.).

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