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razors (shaving)

Oct 16, 1998
ok, this isn't a knife question, but it involves sharp metal and where better to discuss that than here? I can't find a decent razor anymore! Not straight razors, just simple shavers - I used to like Wilkensen Sword but they seem to be gone, I tried some fancy German blades from a cutlery shop that were overpriced and lame . . .has anyone tried the new Gillette Mach III? Any advice out there? I am SOOO tired of razor burn, rubbing all day against a nice starched collar cinched in tight by a tie . . . . Help!!

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I may be bald but my facial stuff, when cut, has rings like a big tree
. Hence the beard but I still need to trim at least daily if not both am and pm. What has worked best for me over the years has been a simple injector razor and a good brush and shaving soap. [Howard over at Knives of the Internet has a great bargain on a badger bristle brush.] The hot soap and brush routine makes all the difference in the world in softening up the stubble. My facial hairs are so thick that the double and now triple blade gizmos clog up after one swipe. that's why I stick to the traditional stuff... straight edge, double edge or [best for me] single edge injector.

Bottom line is that I'd strongly urge you to dump canned shaving foam, etc and go the brush routine. It'll go a long way to eliminating burn and rash no matter what steel you use.


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I find that new Mach III the best system I have ever used. Even with 3 blades I find that I cut myself less than the other traditional razors. It's a great product, though expensive. It's the only razor I use now.


Kodiak, that's the razor I've switched to as well! I recently shaved off my beard, used to look like an Amish fellow - no mustach, late one night after working on some stuff I got the urge to trim it, well the trimming kinda got out of hand and now it's gone! mind you it was 2am when I was doing this, as I peered into the mirror at the new me, I started looking at the top of my head and thought, gee shave it all off, but my guardian angel nudged me to bed before I did something I and my wife would regret! Lucky me!

The wife likes the new me, says I look younger, but back to the blades, the 3 blades really make shaving not as cumbersome I reccomend them as well....

my .02

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it's the money.
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Gary I recently shaved off my beard also. My 20-year-old daughter almost fell on the floor last weekend when she came home from school to do some summer job-hunting. She'd never seen my bare face. Most folks said I too look younger, so I guess it's a good thing, I need all the help I can get.

Shaving my whole face again made me appreciate a good brush and mug. A favorite aunt started me using these when I was a teen. (No she didn't shave, just knew a good thing.) Once you use that warm soap you can never go back to the canned stuff.

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Good going guys! I knew I could rely on the forums for solid intelligence gathering on just about anything sharp or pointy. Since I combine showering and shaving I don't think the hot soap n'brush would work for me . . . but I'll try the Mach 3 and if that doesn't do the trick then beaver brush here I come. Thanks all.
I am just a young guy can someone explain the brush thing to me what kind of soap??????
Does it really help???Thanks
I use a gilette Sensor Excel. The mach 3 dulls very quickly for me(three blades must mean thin). The most important part of shaving is face prep. If you have problems with bumps, make sure you shower first(hot),doing this first will ensure that your face and beard are as soft as possible.Try shaving using and unscented no colored hand/body lotion.I started shavong very young (13) and with baby soft skin these two things worked.Oh yeah and change razor blades often it is worth the extra money to avoid bumps
OK, Murray here goes.

First I wash my face with warm water using what ever soap you normally use, after which I rinse it once. I wet my Badger brush with HOT water leaving it soaked, now I rub it in Evelyn & Crabtree Sandalwood Soap making a nice foamy lather and apply it to my face in circular strokes.

The soap softens your beard better then canned foam ever can. I also think you'll lube your face better this way.

Shaving 101.

I switched from Gilettes to the Shick FX Performer a couple of years ago. The flexible blade makes all the difference.

I agree that a brush and soap (I use the Body Shop brand) is much more effective than foam.

While we're on the topic, I've been considering straight razors. How difficult are they to use? What would be a good one to try?
I am a big fan of the Mach III system. I have a pretty tough and quick growing beard and this system works better than any I have tried.
I too have sensitive skin and a very heavy beard. I think you've gotten very good advice from folks. The Mach III is the best razor I have found - I shave "against the grain" to get a close enough shave, and it is the only razor that doesn't leave me with lots of nicks. Also, like others, I recommend using a good badger brush, silver tip, if you can afford it, and whatever shaving soap you like - much nicer and cleaner than the canned stuff. Also, as others commented, it goes very well with shaving in the shower - all that steam and hot water really help soften the beard.

Good luck,

Although I have a beard, nevertheless I have strong feelings on this subject and will share them with you.

Any razor used should be easily concealable. That way, if someone walks in while you’re shaving, you can discretely pocket the razor, and pick up a large Bowie knife or khukuri. An opportunity like that should never be missed.
If only the women would read this they would realize how "sensitive" we really are.

On the days when my eye is sharp and my hand is steady I use the last straight razor my grandfather bought. A "Dudleys Dollar Razor"
purchased and stamped KEITH SIMMONS & CO. NASHVILLE,TENN. on the year I was born. It is kind of corny but I enjoy using it. Besides my grandkids get a kick out of seeing me shave with it. The boar bristle with Olde Englishe Soap is the only way to go.



Wrong things that I watched my father do (according to the web page), who was a barber (the old fashioned kind) for about 30 years:
(1) He stropped his razor before every customer's shave.
(2) He never used any kind or paste or treatment on the strop.
(3) He only had one razor, that he used MANY times in a single day.

Not trying to be a know-it-all, especially since I have NEVER even tried to use a straight razor. Just noticed a few things in the web site that contradicted what I had seen. Or course, the fact that I watched him use the straight razor in the last 10-ish years of his life, after more than 20 years of experience, may have had something to do with his habits. More than likely, after 20+ years, he had picked up a little extra skill. OBTW, I don't recall EVER seeing him use a straight razor to shave his own face, even though I don't remember ever seeing him cut anyone else. Oh well, sorry to jump in. Just miss him, and this thread got me to thinking...

I prefer the older double edged safety razors. I have tried most of the newer razors when they came out (Trak2, Atra, etc...) but have always gone back to my old Gillette.

I agree with some of the other postings, as to beard prep and especially the use of a brush and soap. The use of hot soap combined with the brush working it into your beard is the beginning of a great shave. The choice of razor will be as personal as choice of knives (in other words you will get as many preferences as there are models of razors)

I'm curious as to how many people may use an electric razor. As we are knife enthusiasts, I would expect that there are not many, but I may be wrong.

Bill (Yes, we carry knives in Canada - we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant Eskimos ;) )
The only time I use an electric is when I'm running late for work and need to shave during being stuck in rush hour. I know, I know, but if women can put on makeup and curl their hair, and everybody is in a phone-daze, my taking a minute or two to shave at a crawl seems alright. (I even know a guy whose wife can eat cereal without making a mess while driving. Very iffy in my book.) I'm sort of a baby-faced guy who works in a shop, so I usually shave every other day, and I'm almost always a Mach-3 and Edge guy, but the brush has me real intrigued, I'll have to give it a try. I'll have to think about that straight razor thing, though.

Don LeHue

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