RC/ESEE ferro/misch swap out

Aug 25, 2009
Took one of my old firekits with the misch rod, and unscrewed it. Took the new ESEE firekit, and took a heatgun to it. Took a couple minutes and one burnt hand, but the rod came free from the epoxy pretty easily.

I then (after cooling, opps) installed the older misch rod into the new ESEE body with the oring and screw from the original setup. I used a little bit of JB weld on the old kit, and installed a longer ferro rod from going gear. Not sure how well it'll hold up, but we'll see. The going gear, and firesteel.com rods don't seem to shoot molten balls any better than the new ESEE ferro rods. Only used that to be a little different. I'm going to experiment with strikers to see what angle and force work best for the new rods.

JB Weld is awesome stuff. I got my dentist all up in arms at me once by telling him I was going to have a friend drill a cavity with my Dremel, then fill the cavity with JB Weld. Made him even madder when I told him I filed down a chipped tooth with my Swiss Army Knife's fine file.

Come to find out, it's not a great idea to make your dentist mad at you.

Only down side is the longer rod , it can be broken....
I slipped and broke one of mine,I fixed it but it can be a hazard as well..... makes great sparks though :D
Yea, I prefer the shorter rods. They fit nicely into the sheath pouches.

That's a four inch rod I slapped in there, I don't think I'd want to go any longer with it.
I'm just gettin the hang of my new one, about a week old. I'm tryin different strikers to see what jumps the spark off best. then I will post pics. I got one of these great little tools thanks to your posts about them. Almost burnt a hole in my carpet at home *dumb* (will do all, try new toy first time uses outdoors from now on) But not only a great emer. tool, but dang it their fun.!! Enjoy. edgy :thumbup:
Best thing I'm finding right now is a good sharp edge striker or knife, a good amount of pressure, and yank back on the kit, not so much push away with the striker
Great pics as always Diz. I'm with you on the 4" thing, if I ever swap one out, I won't go longer than 4". Really the size of the factory rod is about ideal the more I use it. On the other hand with as bulky as the ESEE kit is, it might as well have a slightly longer rod if it creates a better shower of sparks. I've been pretty lucky since I have to of the misch kits and won them both in contests. Guess I'm due to buy one. :D I really like them. Nicest fire kit on the market as far as I'm concerned.
brilliant idea, i just took one of my new ones and swapped out the rod. took a couple of tries with the heat gun. what is the red stuff they used? loc tite?

I just slapped some mighty putty in there, its what i had laying around. hope it works.

thanks for the great idea.
Thanks Adam. These things also make some of the best grill lighters in existence.

No idea what the red stuff was. I held the rod with pliers, did maybe a minute or so with the heat gun and then twisted it off. I found shooting the air into the inside sped things up a bit. Just don't grab that capsule. A glass of water nearby doesn't hurt either.