Jan 28, 2006
OK, I wasn't even going to do this, as there's been much more extensive reviews of the RC3, with great pictures, so much so that it's kind of old news.

But I still wanted to do a short review.

Originally, I was really Jonesing for an OD/Orange RC4. But as we know, a loooong time passed before they were available. I had to quench the thirst for a good woodscraft knife. So I went and got a BRKT Aurora. To be honest, I can't see buying another knife in this size class. It's very close to the size of an RC4, except it has 1/2" more knife edge (no choil), and a slightly longer handle. The RC4 has about 1/4" of width on it, but that's about it. So the RC4 was out.

I considered waiting for the RC6, but that wasn't due with the OD/Orange color scheme. I was looking for a good skinner (Aurora doesn't have enough belly for it to be a good skinner, and a narrower blade would be nice), and there's few BRKTs that have a good skinning profile and are thin (1/8" or less). Then I remembered the RC3!

Oh yes, the OD and Orange beauty showed up, sharp as hell. 1/8" thick, lots of belly. OK, IMO too small for a general use knife, but you don't need (or really want) a real long blade for skinning (again, IMO). But what to try it out on?

Well, up steps a volunteer. A coon was going through things in our yard (probably displaced by the flooding from Fay), and it showed aggressive behavior when I shined a light on it. Last thing I want is my 17 year old Beagle getting torn up by the thing, so 1 .22 Magnum later, I had something to skin out.

OK, sop as anyone who's used one knows, the RC3 kicks ass. Yep, plenty sharp, kept the edge through the entire affair, performed excellently. One especially positive note: While I have little use for a choil in woodscrafting work, it was really nice to have for the finer details while skinning out the critter.

I will say that as a general use knife, I wouldn't have been ecstatic about the RC3, but for this specific purpose, for which I wanted a dedicated knife, it worked out great. Being 1/8" thick, it's probably a better choice for this chore than the RC4.

Oh yeah. It's killer in the kitchen as well.

Hope I didn't bore you too much.
Mar 18, 2008
Great review! Too bad no pics! My RC-3 joins me on all my fishing ventures.
Feb 24, 2006
I'll second that, the RC-3 blade is the perfect size for skinning among other functions. The knife is very versatile and it conceals well.

Nice Review!