re EDI Genesis

Oct 16, 1998
I am thinking of trying to pick up a used one of these as cheaply as possible, and reconfigure the "hump" liner-lock and scale with a Dremel to make it more ergonomic (to me). So, 2 questions for the forums crew:

1) any thoughts on the advisability of so doing? It seems like the liner could be reduced somewhat with impacting its lockup performance, but . . . has anyone else tried this? I know it's been done effectively (by Courdoroy? others?) to the Starmate.

2) now that the EDI's have been in play for a year or so, what's the word on the street regarding their performance, reliability, endurance; do they take a licking and keep on ticking, or are they a letdown after time in the field? How do they compare to benchmades for reliability? Also, how's that heat-treatment; do they have the same brittleness problems we often ear about benchmade blades? I do like the low-profile aspect of these knives (if that wasn't an issue I'd carry a Carnivour), but wonder if they hold up well?

Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks. FF

The beatings will continue until morale improves.
I have two Genesis 1 knives, one with the coated blade and one without (that was sent to me accidentally -- EDI told me to keep it as repayment for the inconvenience). The original was sent back because of a non-existant detent (which I thought was OK until it opened in my pocket). They EDI replaced it without any fuss, although it did take them a while -- I think that, combined with sending me the wrong model is why they told me to keep the one they sent by accident. This was just about the time Will Fennell had left and things were in a bit of an uproar.

I was a little surprised at how easily the bead-blasted finish stained. I knew that ATS-34 is better described as stain resistant than stainless, but it did stain (not rust, just discolor) pretty quick.

Both knives were somewhat difficult to open when I first got them. I took them apart, cleaned them, re-lubed with a teflon-based bike lubricant and put them together and the motion was very much improved. After a week or so as the bronze washer polished itself against the liner and blade, the motion improved further so that the knife now flies open with a flick of my thumb, yet has no lateral play at all in the open position.

As for performance, I'm quite happy with the edge-holding and toughness of this knife. I haven't chopped any trees down with it, but I've cut a bunch of cardboard and whittled oak without having to resharpen and without any chipping.

My only other comment is that the coating causes the blade to be smoother than the bead blasted finish. I think this is a good thing (I'd prefer satin finish) since the smoother the blade, the more easily it cuts soft things like cardboard and vegetables.
thanks for the info Joel. One other thing I forgot to ask is what people think of the two different handle materials - the uber-zytel and one liner vs. the G-10 and two liners. Thoughts?
G10, 2 liners, and Zytel, 1 liner--The Military has one liner and is more stiff than a lot of knives. The only advantages of the extra liner is to make the knife more stiff, and maybe have some metal for the screws to screw into. The stiffness issue can be debated however. I've never owned either of these knives so maybe owners could comment on the stiffness of their Genesis.

The handle materials, G10 vs Zytel, G10 is stronger. It is also more expensive to machine, which is why it costs more. If you want a tougher handle material then go with the G10. But in my opinion, it really does not matter. Both handles are plenty strong. If the price is right on the Zytel version then go for it, if the price difference isn't too great then go with the G10.

Personally I'd get the zytel version. G10 has not been very impressive after dropping my mini axis and having the G10 chip. My Zytel Delica has been dropped many times and has fared much better.

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i don't have either, though i have taken serious looks. the advantage is see to the G-10 w/2 liners is that you can put the clip on either side. i also like the feel of G-10 better, but those are just my preferences. if you find some really cheap, let me know. i'd like to do some experimentation myself.