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Re-evaluation of the Spyderco Remote Release and Snap-It

Oct 8, 1998
So, lately after carrying the Remote Release and the Snap-It I thought I might post some of my thoughts about them, in hopes that I might cast a fresh light on some of the interesting features of these knives.

The following is in no particular order, just kind of stream of conciousness. It doesn't seem right to bind this up in too much form. And I have a couple other reviews I am putting together and need freespace for their composition.

To save typing, the Remote Release will be designated RR and the Snap-It, SI.

1) Blade Length. The RR has a blade 2 5/8ths inches and the SI 2 3/8ths inches. Being under 3 inches, you should have no problem getting into your local courthouse, airport or other security concious place, that is as long as they are not serrated. Which brings us to my next point.

2) Both are available plain or serrated. So whichever mode you prefer, there it is.

3)Blade Style. Both have a good bit of belly, the RR being more bellyful. And both have strong tips, all the better to take the abuse that averyone dishes out, even when we shouldn't.

4) Kraton Inserts. Both have them, the RR on the side opposite the actuator, the SI on both sides. Kraton inserts add to the good ergonomics to give a sure grip.

5) Appearance. They look sporty. "Officer, that dumb looking thing, my doughter gave it to me, and I don't thave the heart to not use it" The SI can be acquired in red, super sporty... Rombotron Ninja Death-Mongers they are not.

6) Attachment. Now this is where these honey's really start to shine. The RR can be hooked over your pocket corner, instant left hand knife! Or hook it to a belt loop and you have a knife you can get to in the car, same with the SI. Or put a cord around your neck for a shower knife. Hang a cord around the mirror of your car, and the RR or SI to that. Web-gear, backpack, let your imagination run wild. I carry my RR as a left knife, for when my right hand is full. And my SI is on a cord that emmerges form my pack, pull the cord you have a knife. Put another cord into your pack with you keys on it. Color code, white for keys, red for knife, free your pockets up for more knives.... Three Cheers for more knives. More Knives More Knives More Knives

7) Lanyard Holes. If you need them, there they are, if not, oh well.

8) Unique. It is always cool to have a knife that is off the beaten track.

9) Ergonomics. Both are secure in the hand, having good guards and hand friendly shapes.

10) Lockbacks. No wondering if your liner is going to fail, you have a lockback. And since they are midlocks you can close them one handed.

There you go, hope this is good for somebody.

Marion David Poff fka Eye mdpoff@hotmail.com

Patiently waiting for the Spyderco SpydeRench, Lum Chinese Chopper Folder, Rolling Lock, Benchmade Axis(BT2, M2 and M2 Axis AFCK), Pinnacle(BT2 and M2) and the REKAT NEW KNIVES.

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