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Re-newed Pocket Hobbit by Allen Blade

Apr 19, 1999
I send my Black-T coated Pocket Hobbit to Allen Blade for satin finish and re-sharpening awhile back and look what came out! It is AWESOME! It looked brand new! Allen even offered to do it for FREE but i send him some money cause it's only fair. I would suggest him to anyone for a job well done.(He even video taped the sharpening proses for me) Kudos to you, Allen!

Here's the pix http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=62061&a=447129&p=15297493&Sequence=0
Nice job, Allen.

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Hey Allen-

Looks very nice, so nice in fact it has me thinking. Would you be willing to do the same on a user SOCOM D/A. I am hating the finish more and more as the days go on.

Hi Folks,
I got the Hobbit back today and it's......WOW! Allen indeed has done a GREAT job on it! He send me a pix before i got it and NOW, the real thing in my hand just blows the pix away! I'm so very impressed and i recommend him to anyone.....SAM, i think you should go for it. You'll love the Socom more.....LOL! Thanks again Allen!