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Aug 16, 1999
Oh, now I get it, you are .******.. and here is your lovely post on

Frogman started nothing. YOU started it when you decided to slam his son, M
& M Tactical. Since you obviously have no clue WHO Frogman IS, and how much
weight he carries in the knife world, then dissing his son would mean
nothing to you. It does to ME. And I run the site.

You don't know a thing about Microtech pricing issues, nor the CONTRACTS
that they make their dealers sign..(which your pal, Mike just up and decided
to violate). Of course you didn't KNOW that. As for YOU, you quite simply
are not welcome on ...well, it looks like EITHER forum NOW.

Hell, didn't you just get your first MT? Oh, and you got to HOLD one the
other day. WOW!!! You're mixing it up with people that have hundreds of
THOUSANDS of dollars worth of the most expensive custom MT's made, and you
have the honor of owning just one..and sounding like you know it all. And
what they should sell for, and all that crap you're talking about without
one bit of knowledge about what you're saying.

One thing for sure: you don't come of to ME like you did in your email to
my home little creep. You demand a reason? NOW? Really?
OK...The reason is: Because you incite flames and invective, you don't know
what you're talking about, I don't like you, you violated the rules, you
attacked personally...a group of forum leader want you gone, you're presence
won't be missed, etc. etc. Oh, and while your at sticking your foot in
your arrogant little *******...let me clue you IN on something.

Frogman is THE largest dealer of Microtech knives in the WORLD. He
completely owns the Custom knives that come from that company, and he's a
personal friend of mine. You mess with him, you mess with ME. Same is true
for his son. He's also a friend of Earl Stewart's...the owner of KFC. AND
Valmet...our other MT guru. All Frogman has to do is fart your name, and
nobody will EVER sell you an MT. Oh, I loved reading about how you're going
to "get them at cost from somebody else"...not MJS.'re

You know you're getting pretty bad when Sparky kicks you off...BFC is MUCH
more passive about kicking of loudmouth idiots than I am...

Nevertheless, you've screwed with the wrong people, OBVIOUSLY. You do NOT
speak to me like you did, because unlike Spark where there's a glimmer of
hope that you may come back to BFC...there is NONE here at KnifeForums. My
next email will be one to congratulate Spark. As for you. Goodbye, ****


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Don't stand for this people. Read the Good, Bad, Ugly and the Dealer forum. This has gone too far. All over personal opinion. not let this go untouched.

Mike and Spark;

My apologies, as this recently-banned individual has felt it necessary to post private email that HE started from my HOME on your site.

I COULD put up the wonderful replies I received at my house from this ...who has to go by a different name now...

But if I did, nobody could read it because ever other word is foul language. (Spark owns a copy) There is rhyme and reason why someone gets booted off a site. This one is off both. This person was removed from BFC and KFC.

Again, I have fully informed Spark about all of this...and since this BANNED person has gone about putting private email on the goes further to prove that's Sparks decision to ban him was a right one. So was mine. The other details about M&M and Frogman WERE private, but as I said to Sparky, I excused NOT the language, etc. used in that entire thread. It is something that we are trying to eliminate publicly. As for privately...well, I guess everyone knows who M&M is now...and Frogman IS exactly what I said. No regrets there.

Mike and Spark...I don't hold any problem here between forums. We are cool. I've tried to eliminate this guy...and so have you. Seems he won't go away...but would like to create further problems. I don't like getting flamed at HOME...but I'd advise removing this from the boards ASAP. He'll never come to KFC again...

Ty Stratford
KFC Admin
Jackyl, don't make me ban every free email service out there, and ban your ISP as well.

You wouldn't like what happens when I call down your ISP on you. There's a reason why your IP address is logged.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for

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I'm not sure what this is all about, but it sounds like some folks might be getting a tad too personal.

Any chance we can all take a breather, count to 10 (or something like that), and then handle whatever the differences are like reasonable adults?

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