Real estate opportunity ENDED, MagnaCut Round 3.

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David Mary

pass the mustard - after you cut it
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Jul 23, 2015
I ordered this a few minutes. Going to try a small ROFR run. Email or PM me to see if your idea will fit.

MagnaCut 03 29 2022.jpg
Still nothing. Not in inbox, not in spam. What is your email address?
All the space has been claimed. Thank you!
This sheet proved too small for me to use economically for knives in the size range that I was being asked to make them, so I quietly advised the potential customers that I was postponing their designs until I could set up a larger run. Now that I have done so, this sheet will be cut up (tomorrow) and drilled for EDC/neck knives, and shipped to Jarod for heat treatment to arrive and be processed with the larger sheet that is being laser cut.
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