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Reality Based Blade

Dec 22, 2006
I need an opinion on the Jim Wagner designed reality based blade. I have one and I need some opinions and sharpening hints for it before I carry it. All info is appreciated.
well i don’t know about sharpening one, but i had the opportunity to handle one today. it had a very stout feel to it and was allot bigger than i expected, the handle had a very round but secure grip to it. the knife was extremely sharp and you could tell allot of time went into its design(the glass breaker was a cool add on). the knife looked very sturdy but i found i couldn’t wave it open, the lockback design didnt appeal to me, and over all it was just to oddly shaped to be carried on a regular basis.
I have been thinking about carrying it daily strictly for sd since my subcom handles all my daily cutting chores anyway
I have one...

Much larger knife then it appears in pictures, and pretty well made.

I do believe it is a chisel grind (don't have mine to look at in front of me) do a search on them and you will find out how to sharpen them.

Basically, get a Sharpie, color the edge, sharpen only one side (the marker lets you know if you have the right angle).