Reasonably priced wall display case available


Musical Director
Mar 22, 1999
From time to time I get a catalog of electronic surplus stuff from a place called Mendelson Electronics Co., Inc.

The latest catalog came today and included their catalog #650-1200 described as "Portable display cabinet/poster frame -- This brand new frame is 30"W x 27 1/2"H x 2 3/8" deep with a a 25 3/4" W x 19 1/8" opening. Included is a key lock with removable key. [editor's note: I just hate key locks with non-removable keys, you know.] The front of the frame is hinged to allow for easy opening and closing. Perfect for displaying posters, signs, advertisments, Also very useful as a display cabinet for jewlery, collectibles, or other precious mementos (sic). A must for flea market or tradeshow vendors." Yours for $19.95

Anyway, the picture and description look to me like you'd have to add glass to cover the opening and maybe line it with maybe a scrap of low-pile carpeting or something to make a dandy knife display case either for your wall or for a display/sales table at a show.

I know nothing more about it, so please don't ask. I just saw it and thought: that'd be perfect for displaying knives.

They also have #660-0091 Electronic Cash Drawer. Once you take out the bill tray and line the drawer with the aforementioned low-pile carpeting scrap, these are nice for keeping a pistol in.

Their URL is you can just enter the catalog number into their search box to find the items I mentioned.

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