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Recap: Bob Taylor's Challenge to Fourmites

Feb 25, 1999
Here is a challange to the artistic forumites. Come up with a knock out hot damn logo. Sparks efforts dont blow my dess up(sorry Spark)The winner gets, well somthing cool worth $200.00 from my personal collection (I have some wierd knives)or from REKAT email it in Tif, or PSD under a meg please to roundeye@nidlink.com Spark, Mike and I will be the Judges, but make it quick.

Bob Taylor

What's the logo for? For REKAT or for a certain knife? What kind of philosophy behind it?

The Logo is for the BladeForums.Com special editions. Sorry I wasn't to clear about that.

Bob Taylor

Some days it's not worth chewing through the restraints and escaping.
I'm all for this!

I made my offer earlier, but apparently it got overlooked by most of the forums.

We need a new logo for the BladeForums.com Special Edition Knives, and the site in general. I can do some good work with Photoshop, but I'm not a graphic artist by any means.

We need something that will work on a Knife Blade, and another, similar version that will look good on the forums themselves, as well as Tshirts and the like.

Rule of thumb should be that it's wider than it's tall, and should easily scale to larger or smaller sizes.

Give it your best shot and you'll get a free forums tshirt when we make them, and possibly some other cool stuff as well.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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