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Reccoment me a knife please

Aug 31, 2004
Thinking about getting a new knife - fixed blade Probably wouldnt see any use, maybe a little so it would be cool if it was ok for .... usage lol. Would be cool if it just had a good blade for sharpening and buffing, and looks cool. Nothing too expensive. Thankyou. Sog bowie looks cool.
What's your definition of "too expensive"? The SOG Bowie models range from $100 - $170.

For that price you can buy almost any model from Bark River. They look great, so they make excellent display pieces or fondling items. But they're also well made with high-quality materials (better steel than the SOGs) and are completely functional. Additionally, most Bark River models have convex grinds, so you'll have a lot of fun keeping them sharpened.

Have you seen Anza knives? They are one of the best bargains in the knife industry. In addition to a large selection of designs, they can customize any of their standard models (change handle materials, adjust size, or whatever) or design you a completely original knife.

I'd also recommend looking at Scanadanavian knife companies. Most use natural materials, quality steels, and the prices are very affordable. Karesuando, Frosts, Helle, Marttiini, etc. Ragweed Forge has the largest selection I've seen, and AG Russell has some nice ones from Marttiini.

Have you seen this? http://www.agrussell.com/knives/by_type/straight/traditional_japanese_hunting_knife.html

You should also hawk-eye the "Custom Knives for Sale by Maker" forum section. You'd be suprised at the knives, and their prices, that sail through there. You gotta be quick to respond though, if you see something you like.

Happy Shopping,
Uh....I was going to post but after due consideration I've decided that I'm not cool enough.:rolleyes:

Knives in England cost more I think..
You didn't say you were in England. You can add that in your profile so that it shows up in each of your posts. I have no idea how much extra it costs to buy knives in England (additional shipping, taxes, and differences in exchange rates). Are you a member at British Blades? Those guys are mostly from England and will better know what's available for sale there, and what prices are like.

You also have to consider what types of knives are legal to own and carry there.

probably wouldnt go for the sog bowie due to price
I thought that was one knife you were considering, so I recommended knives in that price range and lower. You should clarify exactly how much you're willing to spend so that your post gets some better replies.

By the way, Anza knives start at $18, and the Scandanavian knife brands should be available and affordable anywhere in Europe.

I would get a Manix or Gerber. the 440cc steel is one of the tops one you could use , just use oil.:thumbup:
Whats that ment to mean larry?
Just guessing, but I bet his deleted post was a comment on your use of the word "Reccoment". I assume you mean "recommend". English is a foreign language around here too. :D