Received Spike Hawk today !

JK Knives

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Mar 6, 2001
Received my new Ranger Spike Tomahawk today, and to say I was pleased would be an understatement ! This is a great piece of workmanship. Thanks to Andy and the gang at ATC and to Phil at 2thehilt for getting it to me so quickly.
I know what you mean; it’s definitely a substantial piece of weaponry.:eek:

I don’t know if you’re a novice thrower like me, but I found it very easy to throw, but then I again I had Andy show me how.
Toss It Man, Toss It!

Make sure of your backstop though.

Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences on this thread when you can!
I finally got to take my new hawk out this morning to try it out. I stood an old picnic table up on end for a backstop, and let her fly! I was only about twenty feet away and managed to make it stick near the bottom of the table. By now my seventeen year old daughter came out and after watching me for a while decided she wanted to try. Of course after a few tries she was hitting closer to the center than I was. (no surprise-she can outshoot and outfish me too) All in all we had a great time and lots of fun.(No doubt the neighbors were entertained too, but they are used to my unusual behavior) GREAT FUN ! :)

...thanks so much for your fun post! What you described is a core motivation for us at ATC in providing functional, sharp, and totally tough Tomahawks to our customers. Backyard Knife and Tomahawk Throwing is a "sleeping giant" among the entertainment activities for today's family!!!

It is totally fun, safe, and gives us a direct experience to our heritage as Americans......I am so glad you chose to share this during our time of celebration for our country's independence....enjoy!