Recent custom shop order, mileage may vary

Oct 4, 2018
I bought my 3 kids knives we designed together on the BM customizer for Christmas. One was perfect, one had issues with one of the BM stock image patterns and the 3rd, while looking perfect has a sticky axis lock and action.

I’m sort of ambivalent about the $700 spend. Kids love them but I wanted a little more than I got. The rep shined me on about throwing in a ball cap they’d advertised a bit before Xmas for custom orders. Turns out I missed that little bonus by a few days. Would it really have been that much trouble to throw me a bone in the form of a hat and maybe get a little free advertising?

Anyone care to share their custom shop experience? Good, bad or somewhere in between...
I've had two custom Crooked Rivers, one in S30v and another in 20cv. The grind on the S30v one was uneven but other than that they were both pretty much perfect.
I ordered a sheepsfoot Grip in M4 right before Christmas. Everything about it was top notch. It came with an even edge grind with decent sharpness, perfect blade centering, solid lockup in both directions and the axis lock has smoothed out nicely.

Sorry to hear of your troubles. I had a Axis once that wanted to stick a little sometimes at first, I lubed it a bit and worked it and the stick went away pretty quickly. I'm sure BM will take care of you.
Update/report: I got a 2nd hand mini crooked river from the custom shop today and she's a beaut!

i was sketching out my own on the BM site, was almost the same except it was all silver on black, uncoated. this one was quite a bit cheaper. it has a a blue backspacer.