Recent knife flicks

Jan 13, 1999
Did anyone catch "Proof of Life?" was that a Leatherman Wave used to cut the rebel's throat? In anycase, it didn't seem to be what a SAS operator would choose for such a job.

I was pretty disappointed with the selection of knives in "Vertical Limit." You would think rock climbers of all people would carry one-hand openers.
hey twg,

I posted about proof of life at cssd in the tactical section where I usually hangout. I thought the same as you about a wave as not the right tool.

I didn't see vertical limit. is it worth it?

even though he was an enemy of mine, I had to admitt that what he had accomplished was a brilliant piece of strategy. first he punched me, then he kicked me, then he punched me again.

DEEP THOUGHTS by Jack Handey
Thanks, I'll check it out.

VL is watchable. Though I was more interested in the Pakistani artillery operation in the Himalayas than the rest of the movie.

The story is formulistic and the stunts fantastical. But I thought it was worth matinee price.

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Well, I climb with a few guys, and several of them are big wall climbers. Those same ones are alpine climbers as well. NONE of them are into knives at all. I'm pretty certain that on a several day trip up a mountain they are going to have to use one, but it's probably going to be either a multi-tool or a SAK type. Even I, with my penchant for knives, normally only carry a Spydie Native, Rookie, or Standard. I typically keep a Buck Vanguard in camp, but "camp" is normally the camp-ground, or the Jeep.

Don't look for reality in the movies.I have a friend who has produced a few movies the lastest one being "After Image" staring John Melloncamp and Louise Fletcher.I had a few jobs on this movie one of which was weapons master,that is the .45 used in the movie was listed on my permit and I had complete control over the gun and its use in the movie.I taught Melloncamp how to use it right,I told the director how it sould be used,held fired ect.Sometimes they listen some times they don't.Its the same with knives they all look the same to the movie people,you may show them the right way to hold it but when the film is rolling who knows what they'll do.For example I showed Melloncamp a 2 hand grip for the .45,and everytime he used it he used 1 hand.Thats the way it goes,but rest assured if any of my friends movies ever call for a knife I'll make them lisen. Now movie people make movies not rock climbers or gun guys or cops.Thats why gun guys, rock climbers and cops can all spot the mistakes and thats ok because if we made movies they might be technicly correct,but they would suck as movies.

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