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Recommend a good boot knife??

Jul 7, 2000
Can anyone recommend a good boot knife? I assume that describes a compact dagger of fixed blade with metal clip on sheath. So far I'm considering the SOG Mini-Pentagon or a Gerber Guardian. Any advice is welcome.
I will just go for a CS Peacekeeper....

Irìd Ghibht Dhé Agus An Ban-Rìgh
"Through the Grace of God and the Queen"
If you're looking for something small and inexpensive but still a decent value, the Gerber Guardian or SOG Mini-Pentagon are good choices. If you're looking for something a little bigger, I'd look at the SOG Pentagon, Cold Steel Peacekeeper or the new Fallkniven G1 (if it's out yet). Keep in mind that if you're really going to use it as a boot knife, make sure you get one with a good strong clip on the sheath -- especially if you'll be walking through some heavy brush. The woods of northern Wisconsin have claimed a couple of my old boot knives.
I looked around for boot knife for quite a while. I am an old time biker with the following boot knife requirements:

a) The knife had to pull down to pull from the sheath. Not lift my pant leg to reach the handle.

b) If you don't wear tall boots, your selection is very few to find a down pull knife that does not show when you cross your legs or sit on a motorcycle.

c) The best boot knife I have found, with these qualifications, is the CRT Bear Claw. It is quick to pull, small and quite aggressive looking. Also it is cheap enough that you don't care if it gets wet, snowy, or muddy.
How about Camillus CP-75 with grey matte blade? There is also a larger version of the knife. It has a clip too.
I bought mine quite a while ago, and I have worn it many times. It is very light. I recommend it. It is also very affordable.
I really like my Benchmade Nimravus. The sheath clip can be moved around for whatever side you want to cary it on and it is overall an excellent knife. It has a great feel, look, and not a bad price. If you want it smaller you can get the cub.
I recommend the "Greco" boot knife made by John Greco.

Incredibly strong and incredibly cool.

One hunk of awesome steel, bit of a gothic look, veeery coool....

He is a great maker and under 100 bucks!