recommend a Spyderco?

Jul 20, 2004
Hey I'm looking for a knife for defense and utility, and someone recommended a Spyderco. i know nothing about Spydercos, so could yall recommend a knife that would be a good utility/defense knife?
i'm looking for something that is durable, has a good lock, is fast to open, a good blade, and is under $75. Is that too musch to ask for?
Apr 5, 2004
hawkpatriot said:
i'm looking for something that is durable, has a good lock, is fast to open, a good blade, and is under $75. Is that too much to ask for?

No, that's a Spyderco ;)

The basic flagship models of the Spyderco line are probably the Delica and the Endura, basicly small and large versions of the same knife. NIB, those'll go for about 30-40 dollars (or less, if you don't mind hunting around for a deal.) If you go with one of those, you'll probably want FRN handles rather than stainless. The FRN versions are lighter, cheaper, grippier, and have better blade steel. About the only reason I don't care for them is that they're configured for tip-up carry only, which is primarily a matter of personal taste.

A step up from there in quality and price is the Police model. These have stainless handles and VG-10 steel. (the newer versions. Older models might have GIN-1 or ATS-55 blade steel.) They can generally be had for 50- 75 dollars on ebay (or less if used. Have caution when buying a used knife.) or about 70 from online knife stores. This is a great knife. It's durable and very comfortable in the hand. On the downside, it's pretty large, (Blade length= 4.125") which might be a problem depending on laws in your area. Also, the only modles still in poduction have stainless handles, which can be pretty slippery at times. They have been produced with G-10 handles, but those were discontinued and are thusly harder to find and more expensive.

Those are just my recomendations based on my own personal experiences. Spyderco makes a whole gaggle of great knives that meet your requirements. Check out the Spyderco website for more information than I could possibly relate.
Jul 14, 2004
Apart from the price, it looks like the Dodo also fits your description. It's durable, has a good lock, is fast to open and it sure has a good blade.

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