Recommend a tough knife

Jun 9, 2000

I am quite new to the knife hobby. I was wondering if u folks can recommend a knife thats can withstand saltwater as it will be used for fishin/divin maybe. I hope to find a fixed blade and not a folder. bout 3.5-5.5 inch long.

It should hopfully be able to withstand neglect like not cleaning immediately after a fishing trip.

Also is teak, cocobolo suitable in a wet environment? I stay in Singapore where it is really humid and 10xx really rust very fast out at sea. Finally something not too expensive

Thanks in advance for yr replies.

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Dennis is right. A Talonite knife made by someone like Allen Blade would be perfect for you since it will not rust. You may want to check out the thread in this section entitled: Talonite, the good, bad and ugly.

Relatively speaking Allen's talonite knives are very affordable and he does some outstanding work.

Allen has a MEUK talonite knife 4 inch drop point for about $180. It is made with a micarta handle which is very durable and comes with a nice kydex sheath which is form fitted and nearly industructable with proper care.

Welcome to the forums. Feel free to ask more questions.

Another thought for a rust free knife is a David Boye dendritic cobalt knife. Check David's knives out Here

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I would recommend Neil Blackwood for a Talonite fixed blade. Reasonable prices and stylish looks on real using knives. I finally had a chance this week to do some testing on the Talonite Hunter I received from him last month and have been very impressed with both the properties of the material and with Neil’s work. More to follow soon…

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
Thanks James!!
Talonite inquries are making up a good percentage of my Email lately. I had basically the same knife as yours and realy enjoyed using it. About a week ago, one of my fishing buddies talked me out of it, wouldn't EVEN let me take it back to the shop and spiff it up for him!! Once again I find myself Taloniteless

I realy appreciate the positive feedback!!

Talonite, new pics, knives in stock!
I have a Blackwood small hunter in D-2. Oh how I owuld love to have one in talonite. Neil does some of the best work I have ever seen. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Dennis Bible
If you want a Talonite knife real FAST --> buy the Camillus Talon fixed blade ( - 3.5" Talonite blade, 7.5" OAL with Concealex sheath, with G-10 scales). Buy it off the shelf with NO WAITING!

Check here for more specs: has some in stock at a great price!

Ray 'md2020'

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If you don't want to spend the $ for Talonite take a look at L6steel's [Mike Cooper] knives. His basic drop point in 440c should fit your needs very well at a good price.