Recommendations for THE BEST brush and wood-clearing knife/machete/hacker

Sep 5, 2000
I'd like to acquire the best blade to use for clearing brush and branches, etc., while hiking in the undergrowth. What suggestions would you all have?

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Take a look at the Woodsman's Pal, fairly heavy short chopping blade on one side and a brush hook on the other. Not as good as a machete on soft growth, but much better on harder, woody brush.

Jason--Tell me about this blade you're referring to.....

"I love to do things that scare me, because without fear there is no courage..."
I only know of one picture on line of the blade. Roger at Bayou La Fourche tells me he is expecting to have them any day ($68.99)and Skylands (69.99) says they will be in "soon" Check the link below or just go to the kifecenter and look under Becker Knife and Tool (A division of Camillus)
All the BK&T knives get rave reviews and the edge geometry on the Bush Hog should make it an OUTSTANDING tool!!,
Jason--Thanks for the heads-up. I just placed the order with the Knife Center. If anyone else has suggestions, let me know. But the Becker looks like it will do the trick....

"I love to do things that scare me, because without fear there is no courage..."
Will do, Jason. Thanks again for the referral. BTW, do you know if it comes with some kind of sheath that is wearable as opposed to just storable? Nothing was mentioned in their write-up.

"I love to do things that scare me, because without fear there is no courage..."

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It comes with what I have read is a Nylon type sheath. In the recent write up in Camillus in one of the knife mags they used another description but it seems like the consensus is some cordura variant. All the other BK&T stuff is concealex so this may be a hybrid.
I have and used the BK&T Brute to clear a small field up on my buddies property. The knife is AWESOME! It may be a little to heavy for some, but grow stronger, and it will be worth it!

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Chalk up another vote for a BK&T product, this time the Machax. The kukri like curve and the blade heavy weight combined with the angled handle produces a very powerful chopping tool. It'll definitely make the woodchips fly! Plus, the 0170-6C steel is tough and holds an edge very well. Easy to carry too - comes with a heavy duty Concealex sheath made by Edge Works.

Proud member of AKTI, NCCKG, NCKK, and SCAK has just come out with a new Big Country knife called the Hookr. It isn't on the website yet, but the steel, construction, price, and sheath are the same as the Big Country Kampr and Brakr on the website. You could probably email them and get them to send you a digital pic of the knife. It goes through greenbrier and saplings like you wouldn't believe!
Okay, some other great suggestions. I'm going to also order either the Brute or the Machax and compare the one with the Bush Hog I just ordered. The Machax looks like it would be a killer out in the woods clearing brush, branches and such during a wilderness hike. So--now the choice is between the Brute and Machax. Any ideas you can share with me to help me make up my mind between the two? Thanks, guys.

"I love to do things that scare me, because without fear there is no courage..."
I'm surprised noone has mentioned Newt Livesay here. You might want to give a look to his RTAK or RCM. From what I hear they are both excellent blades, and I have an RTAK on the way myself. The price is a bit higher than the Becker's[about $150 new, on the forums for $110-120], but you get Micarta handles on them which I am a whole lot more fond of.
The RTAK was designed by Jeff Randall, a guy who has hacked a lot of bush in his life! He is on the forums. I'd suggest e-mailing him and telling him the specifics of your requirements. The Livesay blades do come with a kydex sheath. He also makes a blade called a wasp, which is being talked about right now on Livesay's forum. If I remember correctly, Newt says that it is his best machete. Maybe it won't be your best, but definitely check it out if you are in the market for a cool machete.

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Ditto to Newt's gear. I own quite a few of his products and trust them all 100%.

An inexpensive machete is the USMC model made by Ontario. I picked one up off Ebay for about $17.00 shipped and have used it all over the country.
I have have had a Barteaux machete (15" w/sawback) for about ten years and have nothing but kudos for it. I used to live in Fla. and used it for yard work (which means hacking back the jungle so you can see the edge of your property from time to time)and loved it. Mine has a nice orange handle with a guard (hard to lose and no "hot" spots in the hand during prolonged use)the length is just enough to get a whip into the blade without wearing you out. I'd rather use it than an axe for cuttin limbs up to 5"-6" and used mine to trim hedges. The blade is thin spring carbon steel which means it doesn't bounce back at you if you hit a knot or a rock. A coupla' licks from a medium file brings the edge right back after use (the rough edge gives a good "bite") and the saw on the back is useful when needed on green or fiberous wood. An excellent tool from and old and respected company. Weldonk
King Grinch's link is the Martindale No. 4 Jungle Knife. (They can only be ordered at I bought one and sent it back . . . not really impressive for $40. HOWEVER, they make a great LONG machete but are hard to find. I have a few being imported of which I am only going to keep one and put the rest on the forum next week. They are like the EIGHTH one on the page. 32L 22" long!!!