Recommendations on good sharpener

Sep 6, 1999
To the experts on this forum, what's your
recoomendation for a sharpener kit for my knives?

From my earlier post, I received a lot of responses. I ended up choosing a
Spyderco Matriarch and a Cold Steel Vaquero Grande. So, I'll need a sharpener that can handle straight and serrated blades.

Are the sharpeners any good?

Magicuser, the sharpener and the Spyderco Sharpmaker 204 that Frantium mentioned, is one and the same.

You want the best? This is probably it.


While I too enthusiastically endorse the Spyderdo Sharpmaker #203 or the new #204 model, I also highly recommend you go the the FAQs section from BFC's main menu and read Joe Talmadge's great essay on sharpening. This will also help you in your quest


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The Sharpmaker will be good for the knives you listed. However, if you want the best sharpener around you just can't beat the Edge Pro Apex or Professional models. I sharpened my Reeve's Mountainneer 1 last nite and my it is about as sharp as you can get a knife!
I like to have the nicest custom knives I can afford and it is the same with knife sharpeners!! Just my opinion!