Recon Bowie

Jan 3, 2001
Is it just me, or is the geometry on the new SOG bowie supremly supreme. I don't really like the handle all that much, I think it looks more decorative than functional. As we all know a decorative tool soon starts to look like... well you know.
That blade is just to sweet!

Fear Is The Mind Killer
Hi DameLara,

Modern knives have utilized some outstanding handle material for grip and durability. What is found on the Recond Bowie is quite traditional, hightly functional, and outstandingly beautiful. The designer or the original knife (from which we made the replica), Ben Baker, stated (in Fighting Knives, Fall 1991) that "a great deal of work went into the development of the handle, a sure grip under the worst of combat conditions my primary goal."

Many will look at the knife an think of it as just decorative. Let me remind you that it is an outstanding, fully functioning military knife! In reproducing it, we have stayed very try to overall handle materials and dimentions. Putting this knife side-by-side with an original, very few differences would be seen.

Ron Andersen
Consumer Services Manager
SOG Specialty Knives, Inc.


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double post...sorry

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I just want to say that I was pretty amazed about the balance and blade shape when I recieved my Recon Bowie. Right now I am actually considering making the Recon Bowie one of my primary carrying knives when I am out in the fields. Both the size, balance and blade shape makes this knife perfect for allround use. The handle is also very good. A lot of knife manufacturers make knives with too small handles. This might be a problem if you are wearing gloves. Any comments?