reconditioning the Kris

May 18, 1999
Bernard, Paul's Keris Pages are the best I have seen on all aspects of the Keris and what Paul doesn't have on his site the links he provides does!!!

I believe it was Rusty who posted the link to his page shorly after I started posting here.
And Paul is really a great guy to "talk" with as well.
Between the page link you posted and some e-mails to Paul I was able to "clean" my old Keris, of course it didn't have the benefit of Ceremony, but it did clean up what little rust that was hidden under the handle.

Also with the things I learned from Paul's site I was able to buy another very old Keris for $50.00 and the Tortise Shell inserts in its scabbard are worth much, much more than the 50 bucks I paid for the whole rig!!!!
Let alone the old ivory handle that although beautiful in its "shape" has somewhat crude carvings.

Hopefully one day I will be able to have it appraised by someone who can not only tell me its true worth, but perhaps its age and origin as well.


Each person's work is always a portrait of himself.

---- Samuel Butler.

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