Recordable DVD player question

Jul 26, 2004
Hey gang,

I just purchased a Panasonic DVD recorder and it requires DVD-RAM discs to record on.

I bought a pack of those things and MAN are they pricey. Anyway, what I'm wondering is that since these things look to be inside their own little drive case, are they re-writeable? If not, do they make re-writeable DVD-RAM discs? I couldn't find any at the store I purchased the player from. Finally, couldn't I just put a Re-writeable DVD inside the little drive case and save myself some money?

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance
I'm not an expert but IIRC DVD RAM is rewrittable. You should also be able to record on DVD-R (which is the format I think all Panasonics use as opposed to DVD+R) but it is not rewrittable. I don't really follow your last question but the answer is no. DVD RAM is the rewrittable disc, the only other disc you can record on is DVD-R and you don't need to use the cassette to record on it. Hope that helps - course I could be confused too but that's what I was told when I bought my Panasonic DVD recorder (mine has a built in HDD so I don't use DVD RAM).
They come in both a one-time writtable and a re-writtable.

Generally, the re-writtables are considered less stable, less permanent. I've also, myself, had a lot of problems with them.
A Panasonic DVD recorder uses either a DVD-RAM, or a DVD-R disk. A DVD-RAM can be used over and over and over. If you have a 2 hour disk and record a 2 hour movie, you can erase the movie and have 2 hours to record on again. If you use a 2 hour DVD-R, 2 hours is ALL you have. Record 1 hour and if you erase what you have recorded, you only have 1 hour left. A DVD-R is a one time deal. Once space is used up it can not be used again even if you erase what you have recorded. I have had the best results with Memorex DVD-R 120 4.7gb disks. With this you can record 1 hour in XP mode, 2 hours in SP mode, 4 hours in LP mode, and 6 hours in EP mode. I always record in SP mode. I can tell very little difference in quality between XP and SP mode. LP and EP mode are another matter. the picture quality sucks in these modes.