Red-headed step children Katz/Junglee

Oct 17, 1999
I know, but I did search the posts, I already did! It's been asked but never quite answered as far as I can see. Katz and Junglee (nee Gutman?) make some of the more interesting shapes in fixed blades. Politics aside, are they good user blades?

The Alley Kat and Hattori Fighter are a couple of the most agile blades I've handled. I don't care if they can chop wood. Can they take a little practice on my targets w/o breaking and retain or retake an edge?
Katz knives are really some excellent "sleeper" pieces, especially their fixed-blades. While I am unclear what the deal is with their proprietary "XT-70" and "XT-80" steels (AUS-6 & AUS-8? AUS-8 & AUS-10?), they are a breeze to sharpen and hold an edge reasonably well. The craftsmanship is Japanese - as good as it gets. Grinds are clean, fits are good, finish is really superb. Katz offers some really nice features on some blades, like Kraton handles that have steel guards and pommels, or big, heavy "old school" lockbacks. The reason you don't hear much about Katz, I think, is because they are fairly pricey and I understand their distributorship is fairly poor (large initial purchase required).

Junglee knives are the rip-off pros. They hide it well by mixing in some original pieces and holding an overall standard of quality somewhat higher than their Taiwanese counterparts, but a quick look through their designs will show rip-offs of Benchmade, Katz, Blackjack, several custom makers, and many others. I don't want to discuss their knives while their business conduct is so questionable.

Junglee knives look tacky to me with a few exceptions.Its not clear to me what their line is tryibng to do.
Katz knives are nice and are a good niche player.The tanto seems to come alive in your hands.


Without getting into designs or politics; Katz' makers in Seki are very good and would not put out bad quality.

Anything that Mr. Hattori makes will be good quality. I cannot speak for the other Junglee pcs.

My feeling is that the Katz knives I've handled have been pretty good. They don't have anything that really gets me excited, but their quality seems solid.

I've been unimpressed with a lot of Junglee's stuff, especially the liner locks on their folders.