Reeve/Mar 2nd Limited Edition

Oct 2, 1998
Does anyone know about this knife. I understand the first was white (stainless) and this one is black (coated) and that there will be 200 made like the first.

Will it be the same price?

Will there be more like this made?

Will more being made effect the price as collectables?

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The 1st ones were out awhile ago (before Christmas 98?) and had a 5.5" blade. The ones that are out now have the 7.5" blade and
the next run will have a 4" blade. I believe theres 200 in each run and they are all black Kalgard coated. The 7.5" is a great looking knife.
I have seen prices run from $340. on the low end to $399 on the high end. I had one for sale at $350 and just worked out a trade for a Pardue folder which is something I have been wanting for a long time.


Tom Carey