Reeve Ubejane

Jan 19, 1999
Has anyone here used this knife? How does it compare to more traditional skinners? Just looking at the picture, it looks more substantial (and general purpose?) which might make it a little awkward for actual skinning, I would think.
A friend, that hunts, was interested in this knife. Is it so rare that nobody has an opinion?
The A.G.Russel Randall knives special are similar, so someone must be right. [Of course, a small difference can make or break a knife design, but I doubt these companies would go to far wrong.]
Must be :) I haven't been able to find any info. anywhere (dejanews, etc.). However, now getting a good look at the profile (on the KnifeCenter site), I don't think it's the knife for me.
Frank & Donald,

I went in to a knife store a couple of years ago to get...I think a Benchmade AFCK or something (still a good knife)...and then I saw the Chris Reeve's collection beneath the glass counter.

I handled a Ubejane, a Mountaineer I, and a couple of other larger blades...I bought the Mountaineer I. The pictures of the Chris Reeves fixed blade knives don't do them justice.

As for the two minutes I handled the Ubejane - it looked and felt like a good skinner - if you're into big game; but, for the occasional killer rabbit I battle, the Mountaineer I chose has served me fine.

Surely somebody here owns one, or someone on the Chris Reeve's forum could give a personal testimony.


You've apparently seen through my cleverly coded handle :)

I'm currently trying to decide between the Mountaineer and the Shadow, as a general-purpose camp/hunting knife. I take it you went through the same decision process and chose the Mountaineer? Unfortunately, I pretty much have to choose without being able to get my hands on them in advance.