Reeves Fixed Blades

May 7, 1999
Between the Project 1 and Project 2, which blade version would you prefer for all around knife use?
The difference is only aesthetic IMO. The edge geometry and blade length is identical in the two. You could make an argument that a spear point is stronger than a clip point, but I think that is academic. Go with your preference in terms of looks. I have a Shadow IV, in case you were wondering about my qualifications to discuss this issue :)
Project 1, because the spear point looks sweet.

I would say the project 2, purely based on aesthetics. If i was in a survival situation out in the boonies, probably a project 1. Even if it's a tiny difference, it might be THE difference.....

People who say knives are innefective weapons have never been stabbed
Appearance was the deciding factor when I bought my Project II. Knives I buy must be functional as well as pleasing to my eye.
Go with the one you think looks better, both should be strong enough for any task at hand.
I debated the same thing for a while before ordering my Project I. I went with the spear point simply because it looked stronger. I don't think you can go wrong with either knife.
Go with the Sable. Looks to be the strongest overall design and the most usable blade/tip shape of the lot. Reeves even says as much in his own marketing material.

Hey Guys....

I did some sheathing for Murray at Proedge for a few of the CRK blade... Project I, Shadow IV and the Aviator...

I haven't handled the PII,, but if it's anything like the PI,, it's going to be Sweet..
They are extremely High quality blades...

Drop in and see Murray and grab one of my sheaths to go with that CRK! You'll like it...

ttyle Eric....

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