Regarding Awards

Oct 11, 1998
Just a general statement about the awards and how they are progressing on the forums.
I noticed that most of the nominations for products are going to the higher priced items.
Not that this is wrong in any way. All of the products nominated have a really good reason for being there. It's just that many of the low-tech items that we are most likely to use over their more costly brethren are being ignored.
Take for instance the Sebenza versus the Gerber EZ-OUTfor best folder. Sure, the Sebenza is the better knife (in the sense of quality of construction) but it is also out of the reach of the masses. And for those who do have a 'Benza, how many of you actually use it?
The Gerber, on the other hand, is for use primarily as a tool (although I'm sure that there are some out there that are in collections to be forever new...)and is bringing the trickle-down technology of ATS-34 and one handed opening to the masses in an easily affordable format (and all in one package, too).
I am fully aware that this thread more appropriately belongs in the awards section, but I didn't know if it was permitted to start new threads therein.
Thanks for reading my rambling and I look forward to hearing your responses.


I agree compact with the overall jest of your message. It is just we would then have to creat so many catagories. Like best folder under X dollars. It would just get realy huge. So we just will pick the best of catagory regardless of price for now. Maybe we can make a new survey the next time around.

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Mike Turber
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Compact, you need to understand the difference between "best" and "best value".

My Scottish ancestors would cringe if I derided the concept of "best value", I fully agree with it. However, in a few fields of endeavor there's such a critter as "flat out best and damn the cost". That attitude is particularly worthwhile if the item in question could save your life one day.

So fighting knives, guns, motorcycles, body armor and a few other bits of gear are things I'm willing to put out the bux for. Watches? Hell no, unless it's needed for maritime use or a similar actual need. Jewelry for me? You gotta be KIDDING. Wilderness survival gear? Absolutely. My sleeping bag was over $150 five years ago, still got it, if I were to crash my bike in up to zero degree weather and bust a leg it'd keep me alive...under "normal" circumstances a Walmart special would be fine.

Does this make sense? That's why we've got categories for "best buy" in most cases, and that's why nobody's gonna vote for an Easy-out ATS34 over a Sebenza in a "best" category.

Jim March
I must say that I respectfully disagree with you. I am not posting an argument in favor of best vs. best value.
Merely what is best.
It is my intent that what is "best" is an amalgam of factors that must be taken into consideration.
Technological refinement such as evidenced on the Sebenza are one angle to look at best from, but so is practicality and sheer usefulness of design.
The more affordable (hence more widely accessable) knives, such as the EZ Out, are more than the sum of their parts.
They offer us better service due to their low replacement cost (not afraid to use them) and better overall exposure to new consumers (even Wal-Mart has them) that affords our hobby more creedence in the marketplace. In my opinion these "economy" knives have done the knife world more service than the expensive collector types that we all know and love.
I am glad to see that you are a person who gets usage out of your knives. I envy that. Were it I could use a Sebenza with ease then I would likely carry no other knife. (It is only recently that I gerw comfortable with daily use of my Sentinel.) But for most, I feel that the less expensive knives will find more use... therefore be "best" for that person.
To quiet my ramble, which I hope has stayed mostly on course, I contend that "best" can be viewed from many different angles. It is not limited in scope to one or two things.
As Mike Turber stated, maybe we can have different price categories up for recognition in the future to keep this kind of
confusion from happening.
(I'd still put in for the everyday useful knives as best though.)
Thanks for your opinion in this matter.
That's what makes this forum the best.