Regulator won't regulate!

Mar 2, 1999
I got the chance to really forge this weekend. I've had my setup for a while, but this weekend, I put it all together.

I'm using a 20-lb propane tank with an adjustable regulator bought at a welder's supply. It is not a BBQ regulator and goes well past 20 PSI.

I forged for about an hour, then noticed that the pressure could no longer be regulated by the regulator, but could. The tank frosted, BTW.

The next day, I cranked it up again. I still doesn't regulate through the regulator. It's like the regulator is stuck open.

I could be low on fuel, but any suggestions?



BTW - forging is awesome!
How much pressure are you running? Venturi or Blown forge?

If the tank is frosted on the outside you are using way to much fuel.

To tell if the tank is empty you can tap it on the top of the tank and work your way down, the tank will sound different where it is filled with liquid. of course you could weigh it full and empty.

Sola Fide
I'm using the Reil venturi. I believe I was operating at around 5 PSI tops. That's too high?

Thanks for the inout.

Out of fuel. 20 lb. tanks are heavy even when they are empty.Disconect the line from the tank. Screw the regulator all the way in and try to blow through it. You should be able to. If you can the regulator is working.