REKAT Carnivore vs. Emerson Commander-need info

Mar 2, 2000
Hi, all.
I need help in my next knife purchase. This purchase will be for no good reason whatsoever, But I'd still like to know which you think is better and WHY. They both seem to be just about the same from what I've seen. I don't mean to insult anyone, but they appear very similar. Please help. Also if you can recommend a similar style knife (esp blade shape) within the same price range, please do so.

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For no good reason whatsoever?! Sounds you've got money to burn or something. If so, buy both! And.. can you buy me one too?

I'm sure others can fill you in on the rest, but the obvious differences is that the Carnivore has a Rolling Lock, but the Commander is a liner lock. However, the Commander has the WAVE hook and.. no other knives has that.
Having had both, I kept the REKAT. The Commander had a bad liner lock and would close when least expected. The Wave is cool but tore up my pocket liner. The Rolling lock needs some massaging (disassemble, polish and lube) to be smooth. All in all, I like the lock of the REKAT better. The Emersons have spotty QC, REKATS are gritty but fixable.
copfish really hit the nail on the head. I have seen two Commanders and both of them had considerable blade play and didn't want to stay closed. The REKAT's are more reliable. They may not be as smooth, but that is easily corrected.

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