REKAT Escalator

Mar 18, 1999
Hi, I am Thomas from Germany, one of Bram Franks students and friends. I am teaching self defence for Women. I bought an escalator and a trainer, after Bram showed me what one can do with this amazing knife. After return to Germany I demonstrated it to my students. The first reaction was, that I received orders for buying the escalator for ALL of them. The women in my classes are totally sure, that with THIS knife they will have no problems in defending themselves. The best thing is, that you don´t have to use the sharp blade. So you will have NO conflict with law at all. It is the best knife I ever hold in my hands. My students are impatient to get their knives, but it is by now very hard to get them. I hope this will change soon.

Thomas, glad to hear that your students appreciate the Escalator. Its important that women carry edged tools that they are willing to and feel capable of really using.
The Escalator was designed to encourage exploration of martial arts concepts.
It is the first knife besidesthe famous Balisong that was designed to be used CLOSED.
All good knives cut ( actually bad-cheap knives can cut as well) but the Escalator has pain compliance, muscle de animation while it is closed!
I believe the Escalator fits within the german law for knife carry. I believe the limit is 8.5 centimeters??? or just under three inches.
Have a great day!