REKAT Escalator

Mar 17, 1999
I bought this knive (possibly the only left handed on the market) from Master Bram Frank. This knife has so many possibilities that even after instructions from Bram, I keep on finding new movements and actions that are possible with this knife. It has many areas in the knife to be used for defense even before you open it. Some of this areas are for pressure points, strikes, pinching, even to help you do joint manipulations and of course a very nicely sharp blade. Has anybody else has any expirience with this knife?
I have first hand experience with it being used on me, and let me tell you, it hurts.

The wide variety of uses for this knife make it a definate must have in my book, its wild.

I may not even get a sharp one, instead only buying the trainer.... but then again, I don't want to limit myself! Decisions, decisions....
when I showed some of my friends the trainer they all made snide little jokes about not cutting my self and who you gonna fend off with that thing. so, I had to show them what the ramp is for. nothing like a nerve stroke... then I used the horns on a former marine friend (6'3" 245lbs) grabbed him by his earlobe, he would have given me anything I wanted to let him go. wonderful big boy toy.
I'm glad you guys are hurting OTHER people while "playing" with your new toys..the ESCALATOR.
I have ramp struck an opponents fist as it has come in at me..(draw n strike directly from my pocket) The ramp point fits into the knuckles and then the belly of the ramp opener catches the fingers..usually buckles the opponents knees. Officer Jose, butt struck a "perps" fist, pinched him with the "horns" on the lung point (on the forearm)then tapped gall bladder meridian with the ramp point(by the neck) and the guy DROPPED. Other officers were really impressed!
"Mr TAYLOR" was kind enough to use me to demonstrate the ear extraction / grab move to Police while at the SHOT ear has NEVER been the same..(thanks Bob!)
Yes it really hurts..All one can do bsaically is pee in ones pants it hurts so much..
Hi Bram,

I'm not sure if you mentioned in earlier posts, but I would like to know if you will have a training video available for the Escalator. I am very interested in this knife and its various applications, but if I purchase the knife alone, I will be ignorant of the techniques necessary to wield the Escalator effectively.

So...will there be an accompanying tape available soon? If not, I would like to see one and I am sure many other martial artists would like to see one as well.