REKAT Hobbit Warrior vs. Sog-1 Bowie

Jan 18, 1999
OK, I've never handled either of these knives! I've read enough about the specs on both to know all about that info. But, for those that have held both of them, what can you tell me about the difference in construction between the two? You can read all the specs and view all the pictures you like, but until someone actually holds the knife, it's hard to make a call on the knife's construction. Anyways, I'm thinking about adding the two to my collection, and I can't afford both right now. So, I would like to hear some info from owners or those that have handled either of them. I've heard the SOG is really built solid, but nothing on the REKAT. I'm speaking about SOG's top-o-the-line knife, with the leather-washer wrapped handle and Vietnam special forces crest on the gun-blued carbon steel blade (the Trident is the other version, but has a micarta handle and Navy Seal trident crest on it). Thanks for any info you have!

I've handled the SOG, but I OWN the REKAT Hobbit. Hope this helps... :-}

Hehe, got the picture, Attila! Anyone else have any personal info to share?


Don't do it, buddy. Hold out for that Battle Mistress.

Hey Donovan,
I know, I know. I've gotta' have one of those, too! A Busse BM and a Reeve's Project I are way up on the list! It's all a matter of which one first? Maybe I should just get the BM, and then I won't want any other fixed blades! My wife would like that, I'm sure.

Well, what do you want it for? I have a Hobbit Warrior, and it is a bad motorscooter of a knife. It's not pretty, but it's my first choice for a close-in fighting-not-utility-knife. The sheath is excellent - very secure and well-designed, though not pretty. The blade, however is short, and not well suited to utility. I have no question about the strength of its construction, having done some full-strength striking practice with it. The SOG you mention is much larger and probably more effective for utility such as blazing trails or whittling. If you want a big pretty knife, buy the SOG; if you want a well-made knife for the sole purpose of self-defense, buy the REKAT.
Thanks for your input, Burke. I'm really looking for a fighter/utility. I'll probably get both in time, just trying to decide which will get my money first!