REKAT knives


Oct 4, 1998
Which dealers sell REKAT knives. I've looked at several Internet sources and have been unable to locate any. Thanks for your help!
Pioneer Valley is the only one I know of.

Clay Fleischer

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This might be a good heads-up to some internet dealers as to a relatively untapped market.

The Pioneer is a real sleeper. I think it will only become more popular.

IMHO, of course...


Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
There is a gentleman who posts under the name "tarbabi" in the For Sale of KnifeForums, do a search for him, you can also buy them direct, but that will cost you more...

About the knife itself, I have two Swept Points, R and L, and they are really nice, very solid.

And the Pocket Hobbit, while looking a bit odd, is really pretty cool, I have been playing with one at a local dealer, and will probably own here soon.

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Arizona Knife Source has 'em too. Price for a pocket hobbit is about $155.