Rekat Pikuni

Sep 26, 2000
O.K. this looks to be one neat knife. Any body have an opinion on them. The price for the one with G-10 seems real good at $89.99, I don't see why the CF handles cost so much more though. Does this material justify the extra cost. I really like CF, but I can't justify the extra cost in price. I've seen the CF offered for $149.99, has anyone seen them for less.
I doubt you'll see them for less, as right now they are exclusive to 1SKS, I believe.

Before you buy, you might want to cruise over to the REKAT forum and peruse some threads there. This is one instance where apparently it was better to NOT go for the early, "serial numbered" collectors' versions.

So does that mean that there having problems with these new models. I tried goig to the Rekat web page, but it is under consruction.
It means that the original run with letters of authenticity had a certain amount of QC problems. Somepeople sent them back, others repaired or ignored them and some had no problems or defects. Production, they say, will have better QC.

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Yes, the first run of Pikuni's do have QC problems. I bought one from this run and was surprised to see what I saw on that knife, sent it back right away. Save yourself some hassle and wait until you can check one out for yourself prior to laying the money down.

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I would like to commend Rob for coming forward and offering to fix the knives REKAT sent out with QC problems. I'm sure everyone learned an important lesson. REKAT, don't rush a product to market and knifeknuts, LET
THE KNIFE COMPANY DO THEIR JOB WITHOUT YOU HOUNDING THEM. I'm going to wait until the regular production knives get into the system. They are a good deal for the money.

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