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REKAT Pioneer II

May 22, 1999
Well, bad news folks. Y'all have gotten me hooked! I got an Endura98 about a month ago, snagged an Axis a week later (love it) and am seriously looking at a PioneerII or a Carnivore ( I think I found myself under the 'you know you're a knife nut' thread
). Anyone have one of the later and if so, how do you like it? Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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I have been carrying a Crawford RL Carnivore since February. Usually in my left hand front pocket. It is a very easy large folder. The main difference in it and the Pioneer II is the overall size. The Carnivore is about twice the size. I do not find it any harder to carry than the Pioneer I I have carried for two years now. I might come down to what blade length you want and can carry.As to the difference between the Pioneer I or II lock I have no preference. I am used to both of them.

It will take you getting both of them in your hand to see which is more comptfortable. Either one will be a good choice.



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Thanks for the info. I had already seen that site in a previous browse but I enjoyed looking at it again. The PioneerII is probably going to be the ticket - I find that a drop point is the best all-around blade for my daily utility chores. A 3.25" blade may not be the longest available in a folder (the 'bring the biggest you got' school of tactics) but the best knife for self defense is the one you have on you the second you need it - not the monster you didn't take with you because you were just running to the grocery store. Plus I am quickly becoming a rolling lock/Axis lock person. I personally don't like liner locks (of course, I've never owned a Chris Reeves' either...) so that leaves me in the BM/REKAT camp for now I guess. I love my 710 but am not looking forward to tackling that recurve for the first time. Lucky for me that I didn't get one of the BM glitches I read about - mine came evenly ground and pretty sharp out of the box. Gives me more time to watch the video and read up on techniques!