REKAT Pioneer Series?

Are there any old reviews of the REKAT Pioneers out there? I'm trying to find out how these knives stack up against similarly priced production folders. They seem a bit heavy (5 ounces for a 3" bladed folder?!) but claim to have a really strong lock mechanism and very high build quality.

I carry a small sebenza and sometimes a Kershaw G-10 Wild Turkey. Both are exceptional knives IMHO but just like all the other knife knuts out there, I gotta have "just one more". :)


I have had a Pioneer for nearly a year- it is an excellent knife. Smooth mechanism with the best lock-up of any folder that I own-except my Sebenza. Heat treating on the blade seems to be excellent because I have used it hard and it seems to hold an edge better than all of my ATS-34 blades. Construction on mine is rough, but very solid. It is a user! I have been very happy with the knife. It simply performs.

You can search the reviews and other posts on the Pioneer. There are many. Personally, I recommend this knife highly for an under $100 purchase.