REKAT Pioneer

I recieved a REKAT Pioneer swept point today (thanks cali!). First impressions of this knife are very good. After reading all the good things about REKAT and the rolling lock I had to get one. This knife is built like a small tank. One notices the stoutness of the knife immediately after picking it up. After opening it a very positive click is heard as the lock engages. At first appearance this knife seems to be a definate working knife. I am looking forward to putting this knife through its paces and writing an expanded review. This will definately be one of my everyday carry pieces for awhile. At least until I get a REKAT Carnivour.

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Oct 14, 1998
Yup, that's a Heavy Duty knife. When I got my pioneer it was a little rough when opened. But, a small dab of moly on the lock, and couple hundred openings...smooth.
I love the Pioneers too, and have a couple of them to support my madness !!
You WILL have to open it a couple hundred times to seat it in. The suggestion of moly is great. I just used alot of Rem Oil.

You may want to sharpen it up a bit. I changed the angle of the edge from 25 to 20', but it took a Lansky System and a medium diamond stone to do the job. They are REALLY HARD!!!
Also, I have not had any rust or stain problems with mine. I think its attributed to REKAT's stonewashed satin finish (like Reeve's folders).
Glad you like it. The Carnivore is next on my list