Rekat Pockit Hobbit, considering a purchase

Mar 20, 1999
I am considering purchasing a Rekat Pockit Hobbit and Hobbit Utility Knife. I searched and found some great comments and opinions for the Utility knife, but nothing for the Pockit Hobbit.

Are Rekat folders as good a quality as I am gathering from the posts here ? Has anyone had any experience with the pockit hobbit ?
Since it is in the upper price range would I be wasting my money with the other companies out there like Microtech, or is Rekat a good investment ?

Any information about the pockit hobbit or even the Hobbit Utility would be great thanks.

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My experience with REKAT is limited to the carnivore which I recieved today. My initial impressions are very positive. The knife is built like a tank and I look foward to abusing it as I am sure it can take whatever I will throw at it.
I consider the worksmanship one notch below Microtech, but one above EDI and Benchmade.
I am have only two complaints with REKAT. The blades are a little thin for my tastes, only .120". This seems a little thin for "THE STRONGEST" as REKAT likes to brag. (They claim superior lateral strength in their literature but I am able to flex the blade by hand pressure which I cannot do on Microtechs.) My other complaint would be that the handle scales are pretty smooth and lack sufficient texture for a wet environment.
This may not be the case on the warrior where the handle shape looks like it will lock the knife in ones hand.
I say if you like the design of the warrior go for it. For the money there is nothing even close as far as scare factor and I recall hearing many good things about it. If you don't like it I'm sure it will be easy to get rid of on the forum's sale board.


Dark Nem., it all depends on what you are looking for. If you want a tough beefy beat-em-up type of folder that looks like it will last fore ever, the pocket hobbit is it. It's heavy, but well worth it. It's one of the few folders that gives me as much confidence as a fixed blade.
.120 is to thin for a blade? We looked at 5/32 for the Crawford and it's not needed unless you want a pry bar. If you have laterial movement then you need to tighten up your pivot screws. You might need two wrenches to do that. If you have one already its one of the short run's and we fine tune from there. If tighting the screws dosn't work return it and we will make it right. If you have any questions email me.

Bob Taylor
I have never held any product by REKAT, but one of the Masters in my martial art is very knowledgable about knives and knife fighting, and he supposedly swears by the pocket hobbit, both from a design POV and a reliability/quality POV.

Of course, I don't think the pocket hobbit is his daily carry (Tom? Can you back me up?). I believe he has opted for something you can actually put in your pocket without making it look like you're smuggling a hand grenade.

I know its pure hearsay, but I hope it helps


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Hey Dark Nem, I'll chime is here since I've carried the Pocket Hobbit on occasion. Yes, it's a little cumbersome, but since I wear it under my BDU blouse (in it's kydex holder), it virtually invisible.

For my use, it's soley a defensive folder; I can access it quite rapidly on my weak side where I carry it, and it deploys in a snap. It'll still serve as an "okay" utility knife, but I prefer to use another blade.

My Pocket Hobbit would never win a beauty contest, as the outside looks rough, but then again "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Aside from asthetics, it's one toughly built knife. You'll find few knives as tough. I consider my Mission MPF to be the toughest of folders, but comparing the two would be like comparing an M1A1 to and M1A2 tank, just slight differences.

Hope this helps,

I have a Pocket Hobbit and think that it's a great knife. It's sort of analogous to a Defender 90 ... no frills, just well-made, stripped down and ready to be abused. I just sent mine back to get a clip put on. I'd definitely recommend it.

Not a question in my mind now, I'm going to pick one up. I would say that there seems to be an overall good feeling about Rekat Knives. I'm glad that I got to here some of the concerns as well, this will make me look at the knife more closely when it arrives. Thanks for all responses. God, I might have to change my Signature now

All of God's Critters may have knives, but most of them are Benchmade Knives