REKAT (quality or crappy)

Jul 31, 1999
I am looking to buy yet another knife....and well, the REKAT pocket hobbit seems to fit the bill, but I have not heard anything about the quality of them or durability. Anyone out there have an opinion??
REKAT Quality? The three REKATS I bought were
all in great shape. The fit and finish is as good as my Benchmades. I really like my Carnivore and Carnivore Cub, no problems with either one, they are built like tanks. My wife has my REKAT Pioneer II, and that little knife is a real workhorse. I remember other people complaining about REKAT's Quality Control, but I think that was a long time ago. If they had a problem with quality, then they have fixed it, if my three knives are any indication. I still need to add the Pocket Hobbit to my NEED to BUY list.

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REKATS are users meant for heavy duty. One reoccuring phrase used to describe them is "built like tanks". They are. My current daily carry utility knife is the Carnivore Cub and it gets an A+ in all areas. Pocket Hobbits are purpose designed and excel for that purpose.

I like the term 'bulletproof' myself.
I have total confidence in the strength, and reliability of Rolling Lock. No tougher IMHO.

Fit and finish has become much better over the past year and a half. The Cub I just got last month has great F&F.

Lock strenght is my #1 priority and everything else is just gravy!

Ray 'md2020'

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I have one of the smaller drop point folders, and it is rock solid in construction. Pretty poorly ground as far as evenness is concerned, but I would not hesitate to use this knife hard. Lock seems as solid as they come.

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I am looking to get a Rekat too, I saw the Hobbit Fang multi carry at a gun show and thought it looked neat. I saw that they were made out of ATS-34 AND 1095. I was wondering what would be best for personal defense. And is the extra money for the ATS-34 worth spending. Thanks
I have had a few REKATS go thru my hands...AWESOME TO SAY THE LEAST. Only problem I have is that the pins grew loose on my Pioneer II and required epoxy. Other then that, I love the knife. I carried the ATS-34 P-II for a year pretty much straight. All it needed after that epoxy job was a monthly sharpening and that was it.