REKAT Sifu falls apart in one day! :(


Mar 9, 2000
saturday i bought a new REKAT Sifu at a local gun show. on the way home i discover that the rear spacer and one of the screws is missing and the next one forward is very loose. now, if it was just a loose screw, i could deal with that, no problem, but missing hardware is completely different. this knife was new from the dealer and i wasn't throwing it or otherwise abusing it before i discovered the problem.

does anyone have any experience with REKAT'S customer service?

has anyone had a similar problem with their REKAT knives?

is a little loctite too much to expect on a knife like this?
They WILL take care of it. I just can't picture how this happened. Re-post this ASAP in the REKAT forum...I don't have REKAT's customer service number handy but I know Mike Turber does and he monitors that forum.

REKAT does tend to respond much better to phone calls than they do forum posts or need to call. In the post on the REKAT forum, specifically ask for the REKAT phone number, you'll get it REAL fast.

So you'll realize why I'm surprised: I took mine completely apart the day after I got it
. It was easy to reassemble, with no Lock-tite, and in eight months of daily carry and a lot of hard snapopens not one single screw has ever loosened, nor has it developed even a hint of blade play. In other words, I'm thinking the dealer screwed it up.

In any case, REKAT will take care of it. You can put those spacers and screws in without further disassambly of the knife, it uses regular hex-key wrenches (NOT Torx) so if you have them ship two spacers and four screws and fix it yourself, you'll have it available faster than any other method. If you go that route, check all the rest of the screws too.

That's what I'd do.


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Always check out a knife completely before ya take it home. To me, it kind of sounds like that knife was severely tampered with before you ever got it....I cant imagine any decent knife company letting a knife out the door with that kind of obvious defect.

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i wasn't really worried about them not taking care of the problem since i've never heard a bad thing about REKAT, i was just suprised to find these bits missing.

this dealer had a large selection of blades, 3+ tables packed solid with a wide variety from basic inexpensive stuff to things like the REKATs and other goodies, so i don't think it was a used or consignment blade. other than the missing screws it's new and does not show any marks anywhere and i still have no idea where the parts went.

and trust me, i have heard enough stories working with guns and bikes that begin "i was just riding along and..." which usualy sets of my BS detector, but i'd admit it if i lost the parts, but NOOOOO, i just didn't get 'em to begin with <sigh>

so, no flames intended for REKAT or their product, things happen and i just wasn't paying attention to my latest aquisition. i gotta say that even missing parts, it is still functional and VERY cool... perhaps i'll get one of there Carnivores soon, but that is going to have to wait till AFTER the T.H. Rinaldi Tempest.
Does anyone sell a soft ballistic nylon sheath for the sifu? Please post some urls.

When is Rekat's website going to be finished?

I'd have to agree with those saying the knife was tampered with before you got it. Anyway, call REKAT at (208) 265-8858 and tell them your problem. Good folks, they'll treat you right.

Hey Guys..
I'll also agree about the tampering..

Give Bob a call.. He is Highly commited to Customer service/Quality Control,easy as hell to talk with,,and doubt Very much anything like that left REKAT.

I have no doubt in my mind he'll take Good care of you...He's a Joker,, but when it comes to his blades he's All Business..

ttyle Eric..

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If the guy was selling junk right beside the good stuff, he may own a pawnshop in real life, not a slam against them, but alot of them are not the straightest dealing folks in the world. As knives have become more popular over the last decade, pawn shops are filling up with knives.

Sh*t, the pawn shops around here will not even give you a ONE DAY GUARANTEE that something will work! I seen a Swiss Army Officer's Watch in a Glen Burnie, Maryland pawn shop...asked them what was wrong with it, "It needs a battery." If I put a battery in it, and it does not work today, can I bring it back? "NO."

I have two SIFUs and I cannot believe that knife left their shop in that condition. It was either used (regardless of external marks pointing to it being "new.") or was heavily abused by some employee of said seller or the seller himself, snap snap snap inifinitum.
I've been buying a fair number of knives at gun shows lately and have noticed that a fair number from smaller dealers are of unkown origin, where a lot was bought at another show for example, or seconds, or field returns, or are used. You could ask if the knives are new, 1st quality from the factory with a warranty, and take your chances on a good deal otherwise. I have more fun with the good deals.
After about...eight months or so of daily carry, my Sifu's blade is still 100% pristine...the blade *never* once rubbed on the liners. The only reason you'd ever be able to spot it for used is that my kydex sheath has polished a couple of tiny spots on the G10.

That is almost unbelievable given the number of snapopens I've done.

Your knife is WORTH fixing

I've seen 1 REKAT knife missing ANY hardware, and that was a single screw - and that's out of probably over 1000 REKAT's we've sold.

When in doubt - send it back. Bob will do whatever possible to make this knife right.

My hunch? You got a used knife there - because while I can see one screw falling out, I can't see it coming out of the shop like that. Especially the Sifus.


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just got off the phone with REKAT. replacement screws and spacers are on the way and replacement pocket clips are only $2!
I'm glad REKAT took care of you Fixer. This
reaffirms my faith in Bob Taylor and REKAT Knives.
it looks like REKAT takes good care of their customers.maybe ill just have to get a SIFU
The Gerber large sheath to fit their saw knife is great for the Sifu. Knives Plus has them on sale for less than $6.00. I don't have their number handy, but try 1.800.555.1212 and ask for their 800 #.
Hope this helps,

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