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REKAT Sifu vs. Microtech LCC?

May 3, 2000
I was wondering what all of your opinions would be on whether I should buy the REKAT Sifu with carbon fiber scales, or a Microtech LCC? I've heard great things about both, and cost isn't an issue between the two. So which should I get? Thanks!
Sorry, didn't really specify much in the first post. I want to have an everyday carry knife that could also serve as a "tactical tool" if needed. Autos aren't an option. While they are definitly less important, fit, finish, and looks are also a consideration. Again, I've heard good things on all those points about both knives. So I'm a little confused! Thanks again!
Man, get the LCC! It is a much better looking knife and generally speaking MT has a much better level of fit and finish. Finally, the Sifu IMHO is too big for an everyday work knife unless you are a butcher.
Well, my choice would be the LCC for general use, since I like the design better and have heard better things about the overall quality of Microtech products than REKAT products (not that I've heard much bad about REKAT, just that I've heard a lot of good things about Microtech). Also, the size, design, and ergonomics of the LCC are more appealing to me. They are really very different knives, so making a direct comparison is kind of hard. Either one would be a competent weapon, if needed, but which one would be better depends upon what techniques you plan on using it for (if you have no training/experience with knives as weapons, please do not carry a kife as such, it will just cause you trouble).


The Sifu is a better weapon.

Size DOES matter.

Depending on how the D2-M tests out, the Sifu may soon have a substancial advantage in steel performance. The Rolling lock is killer.

No REKAT will have as "finely tuned" an appearance as an MT. Do you want a Lexus SUV, or do you want a Hummer?

The Sifu is the Hummer of fighting folders.

Um, for techniques where the blade remains hidden until it actually is brought out to make contact, larger is not actually better. It's all a matter of how you plan to use it.



I'm going to have to agree with Jim. Bigger is (most often) better. Specifically relating to reach for slashing, and thrusting.

For thrusting, longer blades can puncture vital organs, and arteries with much more lethality than a shorter blade.

True. In any form of combat, you never reveal your advantage. However, by using body positioning it is not much harder to hide a 5.5 inch blade, than a 3 inch blade.

If money were no object, I'd buy both a Microtech SOCOM and a SIFU. However, in real life, I have an order for the Bladeforums REKAT Sifu Special Edition because it had D-2 over 154CM, G-10 handles over aluminum/kraton, a stronger lock-up in the rolling lock over a liner-lock. In addition, I'm getting an inch and a half more blade length for less money. Plus, if Mike Turber and REKAT only roll 150 off the assembly line, it will be a very rare production knife.

Besides, I have enough 3.5 inch to 4 inch knives.

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I've handled both and I just ordered a Sifu (impatiently awaiting the UPS man every day
). The LCC is one solid knife, but it is really thick, almost bulky. Feels like it would be good for someone with really big hands, but it felt a little too thick for me. The Sifu fits my hand perfectly. Rolling lock also beats a liner lock. And, FWIW, the LCC is a farly normal looking knife, while the Sifu will get looks even from knife people. If social emergencies are a concern, there's no competition, as the Sifu is the only knife you'll need. The only time I would prefer the LCC is if you can only carry one knife and will have to use it on mundane cutting tasks in front of people who would run screaming at the sight of the Sifu. I would correct this problem by carrying more than one knife, so the Sifu doesn't get brought out in public (unless necessary).

Full Tang Clan said:
Besides, I have enough 3.5 inch to 4 inch knives.

I wouldn't say that I have enough (never enough), but I do have a handful, and it's time I got a bigger knife as well.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
"I have often laughed at the weaklings who call themselves kind because they have no claws"

- Zarathustra
I would have to think that 99% of the knife's use will be as a daily utility blade. With that thought in mind I think the LCC would be the way to go. My expierience with SUV's indicates that they are on the highway much more than off road. Give me that Lexus ride any day of the week, but... give me a Hummer when the going gets rough. Hmmm....aw heck,just buy and carry both of them and you won't have to worry!

Art Sigmon
Jason's point about a second blade in order to minimize freakouts is well made. I usually carry a Gerber Multipliers, and if not I at least have a Swisstech Utilikey on my key ring. It's 2" blade can open boxes without having to panic people with Mr. Sifu

Well...truth be told all this has just made me want both more. I guess I'll start with the LCC, then maybe get the Sifu after I get my Busse Steel Heart-E...now THERE'S a knife!Thanks for the feedback though everyone!
These knives are so different it's surprisingly that it's a difficult choice between them!

For fit and finish, Microtech is among the best production companies, whereas REKAT is not (though REKAT is improving). The LCC is much much smaller than the Sifu. For a good-looking knife that's comfortable for everyday carry, LCC wins for me, pretty easily.

The Sifu, on the other hand, is in my opinion the best fighting folder in the world. It's positively huge, giving the advantage of distance and intimidation. The Rolling lock is both stronger and more reliable than a liner lock (such as the one found on the LCC). The handle is optimized for rock solid security. The blade sacrifices ease-of-sharpening a bit to give horrific slashing ability. BUT, it's way too big for me to carry all the time, every day, like in my dockers or jeans at work.

I'll tell you my own decisions for these roles, Matt. My specialized defense and big job folder is the Sifu. My everyday carry, utility-defense folder is the 710 Axis. I don't buy liner lock knives, but if I did, I'd consider the LCC for the same role as the Axis.

I have both knives, actually the LCC is exact thickness as the SIFU. You feel that way maybe just because the finger grooves feels better. You should get both, they are all must haves
In response to Medusaoblangata, "I wouldn't say that I have enough (never enough)..."

Sorry. What the hell was I thinking when I said I have enough 3.5 to 4 inch blades?

A punch in the head for me.

In regards to both, I like the solid lockup of the LCC - zero blade play - unlike what I've found on the Sifu and Carnivore.

In the future, if we ever meet up again, I'll remember to bring that hex wrench, Jim!