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REKAT Sifu, who's interested?


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Oct 2, 1998
I talked with Bob Taylor this morning, and we discussed several things that are going on with BladeForums.com and REKAT.

One of the topics of this conversation was the REKAT Sifu, which effectively was born as a result of BladeForums.com. Bob has graciously offered that a limited number of Sifu's come to BladeForums.com to help us continue to keep this site free.

The price on these knives will be around $179.99, plus shipping. Delivery time will be approximately two months from now. We're still discussing the knife itself, but it's looking like it's going to have a 5.4 inch blade. It's up to you guys (and Bob) as to whether or not the final design will remain as it is now in looks, since it's still in the prototype stage.

Here's what we need to know: How many of you guys are interested in getting this knife? Please respond to both here, and to sifu@bladeforums.com . Please post your technical questions here, or on the REKAT forum, since Bob will best be able to answer them.

Please understand, to have this even be feasible for us, we will need a minimum of 50 orders coming from you guys. I know several of you have expressed interest, nows the time to let us know for sure.

Thanks as per always for your support.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Gees, that thing has REAL "freak the Squares" potential....I like it...I hope it does as well in the utility realm as it does in the kick butt realm..but either way, I want one..

Since I can not search, could someone post an image or a link to one? I have heard a lot, but seeing is believing...

I too unfortunately am not as up to speed on the Sifu as I am Bob's Carnivore. A pic with specs would help a lot.

The Sifu can be seen here:

Blade Length is 5.4", other than that, I don't know any of the specs. The one pictured has a blade length of 5.1, just FYI. Oh yeah, it will have the Rolling Lock as well.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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I think that this is a great idea. Help the site and get a great knife. I will for sure take one.

Long live Bladeforums!


I would like the SIFU to join its REKAT brothers in my collection.

Holy Moly! What a blade! What does Sifu stand for anyway. Sorry if I missed an earlier explanation.


I would love to have this knife. I would love to have this knife at a slightly lower price. I would love to have this knife with a black blade.

Sifu means teacher in cantonese. e.g. Kung fu teachers are called Sifu by their students.
OK, I'm in.

Say the word and I'll post a check if prepayment would help the cause!

Okay, I'll join the BIG FOLDER gang.


P.S. Try walking around with Blade show with that in one pocket and the blue Native in the other. BF members will rule while others drool.
I'm with the4th. The Carnivor looks even better along side the Sifu, very clean looking knife. It just might have to be my first REKAT

Ronald Reagan is right on the meaning of Sifu in Chinese. REKATS Department of Knife Names and Acronyms came up with Steroid Inhanced Folding Utility and yes we pointed out that it’s enhanced with a E. They said WTF you make them we name them.

Bob Taylor

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The pictured Sifu is just a prototype, I believe. I imagine the finally product will look different. Unfortunately North Carolina doesn't allow carry of knives that big. Maybe if I move to Texas some day.

Strong interest in the SIFU on my part also. Just need to get the funds together.

Forget strong! I want it!!!!!

Yeah, YEAH, YEAH. I must have one.


Mike Melone
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Is it just me, or do knife guys generally spell badly? I enjoyed your story about inhanced vs enhanced. Made me smile.

No wonder the SIFU looks like a folder on Steroids. I am really interested, but have to find funds for Carnivour first. With me it's one at a time.

The SIFU makes it on my list though. Now it's just a matter of when.
Do you have to ask?

Ohhhhhh ya. HELL ya.

One tech comment: the blade shape is GREAT, just stretch it a hair more, just under 5.5", etc. If you didn't carve the last two finger-notches in the grip (closest to the pommel) you'd gain the ability to sharpen the outermost 2" or so of false edge.

This may be the first folder ever that can do a "Bowie Back Cut". Two finger grooves closest to the pivot should be fine.

HOWEVER: it also occurs to me that some people into the FMAs like to do most of their gripping with pinkie through middle fingers and stay "loose" with the thumb and forefinger. Some take it to the extreme of the "Cancer" grip with the thumb prominently upraised. Methinks somebody from this crowd should be consulted on the grip fingergroove system.