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Oct 4, 1998
I'm in the mood for a new addition to my daily carry knives. I'm looking for something tough, easily carried, dependable, and less than $200.

I've narrowed the choices down to the new edition REKAT Pioneer and the EDI Genesis due out in A2 steel.

Does anyone own both so that I can get a comparison? No knife shops within many miles of politically correct Ann Arbor, so I can't compare personally.


I have the Carnivore and the Genesis 1. Both knives have great ergonomics and are about the same size closed,so that leaves you comparing other more subtle aspects.

The EDI is more about finesse. It is lightweight and super concealable. This is the one circumstance where I have found them to have merrit over other knives. When you absolutely need concealment you cant beat the Genesis (until other companies follow suit). I sometimes carry two, one set up for lefty and one for righty. In the waistband with a tucked shirt they are completely invisible under a black belt. This is their biggest attribute in my opinion. Otherwise they suffer from typical liner lock woes. (I have seen them fail the "liner lock tests" although I tested mine carefully and I know EDI would stand behind them if they did fail.)

The REKAT however is what I would and have been carrying daily as a tough as a brick ****house folder. It has entered the rotation as my backup folder with Lightfoot, Terzuola, and Carson customs. It is that good, if you like heavy abusable knives.

Both are great knives from great companies. What it boils down to is do you want:

A: Lightweight finesse with great edge geometry and concealment(EDI).


B: Just in case the **** hits the fan, bet your life on the lock toughness(REKAT).

Given the choice of one I prefer B because I like tough folders. Now you need to figure out what you like.



Excellent comparison. Helps make my choice easier! Many thanks.