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Rekat ?

Oct 3, 1998
Can anyone point me towards a net source for Rekat knives ? I'm interested in one of their Pioneer models, but can't find them on any of the sites I've looked at.
TIA, Brian
I have them. All four blade styles with the old release. Tanto and Swept point with the new side release. You can E-Mail me for details. Prices are REKAT SRP. I am in La Mesa if you want to look at one.

Only Sharp Knives are Interesting!

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Brian, This company seems to carry them. Have not bought anything from them though.

Pioneer Valley Knife

Mark Camp

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I can vouch for the service of PVK&T. I've used them on several purchases. As always, some had problems, and were promptly addressed to my satisfaction. They really work hard at customer satisfaction. They DO carry the entire REKAT line, but I don't know if they have the Carnivore yet.
You might try the auction page
< www.fightingknives.com >. Lately, I've seen the old style Pioneers going for less than $80.
Thanks a lot guys, don't know why I didn't think of Pioneer Valley
, thanks, Bill.
By the way Bill, It's been kinda fun watching our parallel trail thru the knife forum webs; my first tentative luking was on the SKM site, where you were fairly prominent. Through your mention of KF I was led there and eventually to this exalted plane. Thanks.
I agree with Bill. I bought a REKAT from Blade Auctions (owned by PVK&T) and even though the Pioneer I got from them was defected (broking locking mech) when it came in the mail, they did replace it without any problems, though I was a little disappointed in how they shipped the knife to me.

I can't really find them anywhere else.


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I also remember you too

Same ole guys, huh ?